Monday, December 8, 2008

Spooky- yet cute!

So last night at the family party, I was talking to my aunts (my dad's sisters) and mentioned how Lacey has my dad's eyes. I then mentioned that I had a picture of Lacey as a newborn and a picture of my dad as a baby, and how similar they looked (not just in looks, but in the poses as well!) So I promised them I would post the pictures on here today. So without further ado:


And my dad

Hehe, both this pictures just make me laugh... Hope you had a good weekend!


Morgan said...

That is incredible how similar they look...and such funny pictures!!!

Judy said...

Amazing how much alike they look! I always did love the one of your dad. Of all of our baby pics his was certainly the most expressive one for the age he was. Not having seen it for so long I forgot about the strawbrry blonde (almost red) he had.