Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Lilia's Birthday Wishes

I have really slacked on posting lately.  I am trying to do too much these days, but one thing I can't pass up is Lilia's birthday.  She is such an amazing kid.  I just love her to pieces!  It amazes me that she has grown up so much.  I look at the pictures of her first days of school and she just keeps getting bigger and more beautiful.  She is truly fantastic and I am proud to be her mom.


1st Grade

2nd Grade (a week ago)

Today she got to take treats to her class as well as a bag of her favorite things that she got to share with them all.  Then her classmates wrote her letters for her birthday.  I just have to share a few of them for posterity's sake...

Dear Lilia,
Being are (our) friend and cepeing (keeping) me happi.  And have a grat (great) brethday.
From Lexi

Dear Lilia,
Yoo ar so nies (nice) I luv you. Vare (very) nis (nice).
From Sequoia

Dear Lilia,
Nise (nice) Fanny.

Dear Lilia,
You are coot (cute).  I op (hope) you have a good time at yor birthday.
From Donovan

Dear Lilia,
I hope you have a good brithday to day. I wish I can come ovre to your house.
From Madison

There were plenty more like these, but these were the one's that I thought were the best.  I especially got a kick out of lilia's nice fanny and her being cute... I think Lilia liked that Donovan thinks she is cute.  She really likes him too! :)