Wednesday, December 7, 2011


What happens to my freezer jam when I stop paying attention...

What happens to the toilet paper when I stop paying attention... Matthew unrolled a bunch, and I couldn't stand to waste it so I told the girls we had to use it...  Lilia broke the long sheet into strips of two squares or three squares and labeled them accordingly... (hahaha)

 What happens on the coffee table when I stop paying attention...  Look close and maybe lean your head to the left... There is a matching print just out of view of the camera...  Little monkies...

What happens to your cinnamon rolls when I stop paying attention.  Matthew ate the center out of all but three of them...

What happens to my husband when I stop paying attention.  He fell asleep, and Matthew covered him with a blanket and gave him some stuffed animals. So cute!

What happens in the bathroom when I stop paying attention... Matthew turns his bath into a shower (pulled up the little plug thingy) and scared himself half to death.  And, so no one thinks I am truly awful I was actually sitting right there, but I didn't see him reach for it until it was too late.

In the previous post I showed what happens to the Christmas tree when you stop paying attention.  Well, an hour after Matthew knocked over the tree Lacey knocked over her dresser... seems using the dresser as a ladder to reach the top drawers is a bad idea...  She was fine.  A small scratch on her hand and a little shook up, but fine none the less...

And last and by no means least, What happens when your son pays a lot of attention at church.  He was singing along with Daddy (though just as I took the picture he closed the book).  And yes, I snapped a picture at church... it was cute.

Christmas Time, Once Again

Every year I put up our fabulous fake tree the day after Thanksgiving.  And every year I hate the tree and everything on it by Christmas morning, and therefore every year the day after Christmas the tree comes down.  Oddly enough every year I then make Joe promise not to let me put it up so early the next year, and every year he doesn't remember ever promising to do that... and therefore every year, I get all excited and put it up the day after Thanksgiving, again...   Do you see a cycle here? :)  Maybe someday I will learn.  But that wouldn't be this year, cause well, the day after Thanksgiving I had that tree up and decorated!  ::sigh::

Why, you might ask, do I hate my tree come Dec. 26th?  Well because of these:


Mostly just that last one though, this year...  Why exactly do they cause me to hate my tree?  Well, because they do this:

And then a couple days ago, the little one did this:  

BEFORE (don't mind the lighting)


It's times like that when I have to remind myself that it's just "stuff." Sure one of the broken ornaments was Lacey's "First Christmas" ornament, and another one was 25 years old, but still... it's just stuff.  And in case you are wondering, Matthew was fine.  He pushed it over, so he wasn't in the path of destruction...

On a happier note, when I un-decorated it to fix the branches and pearl garland, I had to redecorate it, and I think it may just look better now than it did the first time.  Still- It's a good thing that boy is cute.  It may be one of the only things keeping him alive.  Oddly enough, though fascinated with the things hanging on the tree he is not at all interested in these:

I hope you all have a FABULOUS Christmas!  For that matter, I hope we do too! :) Merry Christmas ya'll!