Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Too cute NOT to share!

Three Lacey-isms from today:

1. When looking at a family picture she identified me as "Momma" her sister as "Lilia" and herself as "Lacey" but when she pointed to Joe (Daddy) she said, "STEVE!"

2. She wanted to get my attention for some reason or another. She said, "Momma... momma... Momma? MOMMA? Pam? PAM! Pam?" (I was not ignoring her, she just chose to keep this dialog going...)

3. *Back story* When she is being naughty I tell her to stop- if she doesn't stop I start counting. When I get to three she gets in trouble. SO tonight, Joe and I asked her where her pajamas were (usually that prompts her to go running to her room in search of jammies). She stood at the head of the hallway and yelled, "Jammas... uh ARE YOU? Jammas! One... Uh ARE YOU?... Two... Jammas?..."

Lacey absolutely kills me sometimes. What a goof!

As for Lilia- she informed me today that "Pam is a mean mom, but Dora is a nice mom." Good to see how I stack up against a cartoon character.

She also announced today, "Ugh! I don't wanna do homework- it's not exciting! I don't ENJOY it!"

I love love LOVE my girls! They make my days so much more fun!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What a slacker!

I haven't been too good at keeping up on my blog, and for that, I am sorry... but to be honest, other than being CRAZY busy, nothing much has been going on. There are always the little things in life, which are passing by at a ridiculously fast pace, but otherwise, not a whole lot.

Lacey is talking more and more. Last night I was trying to get her in bed and I told her to give daddy hugs and kisses. She hopped (like a frog) over to him and said, "I frog- ribbit" than kissed his cheek and hopped off to bed.

She also has picked up a fun habit in the morning. She likes to climb in bed with me when she first wakes up. She will cuddle with me for a few minutes, just staring at me with a big smile and WIDE OPEN eyes... eventually I wake up enough to acknowledge her with a kiss. She says, "morning... Momma. Lilia uh..leep. Sister leeping" (Lilia's asleep. Sister is sleeping). She then climbs off the bed and tells me to get up before going back to her room to wake up the already awake Lilia. (Both Lil and I pretend to be asleep so Lacey can continue with her morning routine).

I have recently dubbed Lacey my little robot. She has such an interesting way of talking... it seems like everything she says is riddled with pauses. For example(s):

Nuh-Night.... Daddy.
Drink.... Momma.
I yuv you... Grandma.

It's like she has to pause to remember WHO she is addressing. She also tends to be a bit of a natural southern belle... she has a self proclaimed accent. Instead of properly pronouncing words like; bed, dress, hand, etc. She says "Bay-ed," "Dree-yes," "Hee-and." It's pretty cute. And I just don't have the heart to correct it. I figure eventually she will figure it out.

Lilia is LOVING school. She is learning so much (not necessarily a ton of academic stuff, since she already knows most of what is taught, but more social stuff). She loves her teacher and was very upset to not be able to give her a kiss. When she is upset by something she will tell her teacher (all teary eyed) "I think I need a kiss." And her poor teacher has to explain to her how it isn't okay for teachers to kiss their students... It's been a tough adjustment for her... Interestingly enough, she has a friend who is more than willing to comply and hug and kiss on her, but she is NOT interested in his affection at all! :)

Lilia has started listening to me read her chapter books at night. I found a series of Tinkerbell books (so far I have counted about 10 of them) and Lilia is LOVING hearing stories about her favorite movie characters.

She is also a huge help around the house... she DOES need to be prodded along sometimes, but if I let her do the vacuuming and let her choose what to clean next she is pretty good at helping me. She loves to help me make dinner, and I am sorry to say I don't always have the patience to let her help, but I figure the bigger my belly gets, and the less energy I have, the more I will allow Lil to help me with dinner.

The other day Lilia asked me to help her write a letter. She asked me how to spell "love" and "than..." After spelling them out for her (or at least helping her figure it out on her own), she delivered this letter to her dad. "Dear Dad. I love you more than Mom." The little stinker! She does keep us laughing though...

A while back she learned a new word. Solicitor. Except no one taught it to her. She "figured it out" all by herself. (I may have already blogged about it) She would shut her bedroom door in Lacey's face yelling, "No sit-ri-sities!" After listening to this for a good half hour I asked what she was saying and she repeated it S-L-O-W-L-Y and said, "you know- like the sign on our door!" Wow kid... She then used the line on a bunch of neighbor kids who kept knocking on our door after I had told them that my kids couldn't play. She opened the door and yelled "No sit-ri-sities!" and slammed the door again. :) Well sure enough, the other day a neighbor of ours doorbell ditched us and left a pumpkin for my kids. Lil sighed, stood up to answer the door and said, "Mom I think it's a sit-ri-siter! HE saw our sign and left!" She makes me laugh...

Joe and I are pretty sure we have found our future son's name. Matthew Joseph (after his uncle, his dad, his grandpa and his great grandpa). Lilia wasn't thrilled with the name at first because there was a mean kid in her class named Matthew, but he moved to the AM class, so she is okay with it now. I am also already noticing a difference between my boy and my girls. He is SO ACTIVE! I am amazed at how much he moves! Much more than either of my girls ever did. Joe was lucky to get an occasional kick from Lil and Lace, but he is constantly getting kicked in the back at night this time round. IT's our first kid to ever wake Dad up from a dead sleep. Me on the other hand? I am quite used to it, and sleep right through the kicking sessions. Lilia likes watching my belly move. A few times a day she will just walk up and sit next to me and stare... and stare... She can hardly wait for Matt to join us. Every time I have a doctors appointment she asks if the doctor will be pushing the baby out of me yet. So far, with a few minor exceptions, everything is going well. I can't walk very far without having some pretty intense pains, and breathing while laying down is not always easy, but otherwise this pregnancy has been pretty good. Though how much weight I will gain concerns me a bit. I am averaging a pound a week. :S

For Halloween this year, Lilia has requested being Snow White. I found her a Snow White dress, now I just need to find a crafty friend or family member (or both, hint hint) to help me sew up a quick red cape... I wasn't willing to drop 45 dollars for both the cape AND the dress. I have NO IDEA what to dress Lacey up as. Any suggestions or costumes someone wants to loan me for a 2 yr old in a fairly cold climate? I also have no clue what Joe and I should dress up as...

Okay- that's a pretty decent start for catching up. Hope you all have a fantastic week!