Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Too cute NOT to share!

Three Lacey-isms from today:

1. When looking at a family picture she identified me as "Momma" her sister as "Lilia" and herself as "Lacey" but when she pointed to Joe (Daddy) she said, "STEVE!"

2. She wanted to get my attention for some reason or another. She said, "Momma... momma... Momma? MOMMA? Pam? PAM! Pam?" (I was not ignoring her, she just chose to keep this dialog going...)

3. *Back story* When she is being naughty I tell her to stop- if she doesn't stop I start counting. When I get to three she gets in trouble. SO tonight, Joe and I asked her where her pajamas were (usually that prompts her to go running to her room in search of jammies). She stood at the head of the hallway and yelled, "Jammas... uh ARE YOU? Jammas! One... Uh ARE YOU?... Two... Jammas?..."

Lacey absolutely kills me sometimes. What a goof!

As for Lilia- she informed me today that "Pam is a mean mom, but Dora is a nice mom." Good to see how I stack up against a cartoon character.

She also announced today, "Ugh! I don't wanna do homework- it's not exciting! I don't ENJOY it!"

I love love LOVE my girls! They make my days so much more fun!


Sissy Jackson said...

Your kids CRACK me UP! So WHO is Steve? Does Joe know about this??? LOVE IT!

Diane Conn said...

Pam, you need to be a little more discreet with Mailman Steve. Lacey is watching!

Sariah in Vancouver said...

I love Lacey's #3. lol And tell Lilia that how she feels about homework is EXACTLY how I feel about housework! ;)

Ben and Heidi said...