Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mothers Day

My Mothers Day Weekend was pretty spectacular.  It helps that I have some pretty awesome kids and a spectacular hubby.  In  case I haven't mentioned my new resolve before, lemme just say that I have been working (yes it IS work) pretty hard to be surprised by gifts.  Due to interesting (or sometimes nosey) circumstances, for YEARS Joe couldn't surprise me with ANYTHING.  From my engagement, to Christmas and Birthday presents...  I am never surprised. I think it is partially because Joe knows EXACTLY what I want, and so do I.  I just need to think about it long enough and I will know what I am getting.

This Mothers day started on Thursday night when Joe said he needed to go run an errand.  I asked where he was going and he said, "None of your business."  Which is Joe code for "I am getting your gift.  Stop asking questions!"  SO I  didn't ask anything else.  (Aren't you proud of me?)  He and Lil left for like 2 hours and came back just after Lil's bedtime.  He then cautioned me to stay out of the garage.  Which I did.

The next day, after Joe left for work I DID ask him one question... am I still banned from the garage, cause I gotta take the dog out to go potty...  Nope.  I was safe.  The item in question was in the car.  Which was with him at work.

That night, I was banished to the bedroom so Joe could move the item in question down to our basement.  Later, Joe said he was gonna give me my gift early.  He gave me a kiss on the cheek and said, "Happy Ol' Lady's Day!"  Then he asked Lil if she had a gift for me.  Lil ran to her room and came back with a little purple envelope.  The envelope contained a 1 hr. massage.  :)  Yay!  So, of course, to tease Joe I said, "So I had to hide in the bedroom and stay out of the garage because of this gift card?"  To which he flashed a conspratorial smile. We both knew there was more to it.  He then revealed that the remainder of the gift (Lacey's part I guess...) would take time with me out of the house.  Well what do ya know, I was gonna be spending ALL DAY Saturday with my mom!

Saturday, after the typical routine (grocery shopping) Lacey and I headed off to my mom's for the day, where Mom taught me how to make jewelry:

(I made these)

Joe and Lil stayed home, went to a family baseball game, and eventually joined me and Lace at my mom's for dinner.  During dinner Lil came up and said, "Mom, I have a secret for you."  This is something she does QUITE regularly...  It's usually, "I love you." or "I love Daddy!" or "I love Pizza."  WELL- this time the secret was:

"Daddy and I stayed home and worked REALLY HARD on the present in your bathroom!"

CRAP!  I know what I got.

I mean, YAY!  I got a medicine cabinet!  BUT- CRAP!  It's not a surprise!  I managed to make it ALMOST all the way with it being a surprise.  But a mere TWO HOURS before we went home the secret was spoiled by a well meaning sneaky 4 year old.  How was she to know that the ONLY thing missing from my bathroom, the ONLY thing I have wanted in there since we moved in was a medicine cabinet?  

I tried to be surprised when I got home, but I must not be very good at it, cause as soon as I gave Joe (and Lacey) a big hug and kiss, he asked, "So, how long have you known?"  MY response:  ::SIGH::  "Two hours... (head hung in shame- then speaking very fast), but I swear Lil didn't MEAN to tell me, and I was really surprised which STYLE you got, and I love it, and I had NO IDEA until she told me.  You did GOOD!"

See?  He did good!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

As promised, and then some...

The picture of Lilia with a red mustache and knee...

Then there is just some random cuteness that is my kids.

That would be peanut butter on her hands and arms...

Leftover cuteness from Easter

Lacey loves Lil's boots.