Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Rantings of a MAD pregnant lady

Okay- so- starting at the beginning.

*I was planning on holding out on induction until Feb 1. For insurance reasons, that would be in my best interest. That would put me overdue by 6 days according to my original due date.

*About a month or so ago my doc decided he wanted to up my due date to Jan 22. Meaning tomorrow I will be 1 week overdue. I was STILL holding out for Feb 1 (that would put me 10 days overdue)- I really need this insurance money. Ya following so far?

* Two weeks ago my doc schedules me for an induction on Jan 29. Even though I told him I didn't want to. He said, "We'll see how you feel next week and discuss it more in depth."

*Last week I still told him I was wanting to wait. He said, "tell ya what- if you don't want to be induced next Friday, just show up on Thursday for your regularly scheduled appointment. If you don't show up for your appointment, then I know to expect you at the hospital on Friday." Joe and I talked it over and decided to hold out for the 1st assuming he doesn't come on his own before then.

* Two days ago I got a call from the doc's office. His head nurse informed me that due to a family emergency, my doctor needs to move my induction date UP to Thursday. I asked the nurse if it's possible to move it BACK to Monday (Feb 1) instead. She then informs me that he will be out of town for a week and won't be back until the 4th. Not cool.

* I talk to Joe and we decide that being delivered by my doctor is more important than the insurance issues... SO we set the induction date for Thursday. At this point, I know the end is in sight and since the first is just NOT an option I reprogram my brain for the 28th. And can I tell you what a relief that is? Cause my back hurts and my stomach hurts, and my legs hurt, and I am not sleeping at night, and, and, etc.

* Today, I wait for my call from the hospital confirming my induction time, and come to find out I am 5th in line. 5TH! They will only schedule two inductions per day for sure... after that it's a matter of space available. So I am 3rd on call. According to the lady I talked to, if tonight is busy the chances of me being called in for induction are pretty slim (as in almost non-existent).

* The biggest problem I see? Today was a busy day in L&D and historically, nights are busier than days. Also- it is nearly a full moon, which means more women in labor. That may be a wives tale (or not?) but it seems to hold pretty true. So tonight is looking to be busy.

* The next problem... IF I don't have this little guy tomorrow, I CAN'T reschedule an induction because it's against my doc's office policy to schedule inductions for other doctor's patients. Meaning, my doctor is out of town, so no other doctor will induce me. MEANING- I will have to wait to go into labor on my own.

* The idea of going into labor on my own scares me a bit due to issues involving Group B Strep, short labors, and not enough time... (Long story short- my niece was born with GBS and nearly died... I want my child to get enough time for the antibiotics to kick in, and I am not sure my labor will be long enough to do that if I can't be in the hospital from the moment of the very first contraction)

* ALSO- because I re-programmed myself to think the 28th is the day, I am really REALLY struggling with the idea of NOT having him tomorrow. I am just so ready to be done. I am so ready to meet my little (or big) guy, and all I really want is to be back in control of my own body.

*Whatever the case, I am annoyed, I am in pain, I am worried that tomorrow wont happen, and I really REALLY need some prayers here. Big time.

That is all. Rant over.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Channeling ALL those nesting instincts...

SO my induction date has been moved up to Thursday. Seems my doctor has a family emergency (I am assuming funeral or some other such issue) that has him leaving Friday for a week. So it's either a matter of being induced on Thursday, or being delivered by a different doctor when I go into labor on my own. Due to my own personal feelings on this, as well as Joe's feelings on it, we both decided Thursday will be the big day!

Baby Matthew is arriving in 2 DAYS! Crazy huh?! I am pretty excited to meet him, and I am very much ready to be done with this whole pregnancy thing... In the meantime, I have a minor dilemma. That dilemma arrives in the form of my Mother in Law. Whom I adore! But- she will be spending all day Thursday at my house watching my monkeys to make sure Lilia gets to school and dance class okay. She is going to be HERE. ALL DAY. Which means one thing for me. I GOTTA get my house as clean as I can manage, because I don't want her to walk in and feel the need to clean my house. If she were to walk into the house today she would for sure be saying, "and I let my SON marry THIS?!" But to be fair, I had a fairly bad pregnancy day yesterday and spent most of the day on the couch... But not today, no siree! I am gonna be cleaning like a mad woman, and the laundry WILL be washed, dried, folded, and put away!

And the best news of all? I can mop, sweep, and vacuum to my hearts content. Though up until now it has been forbidden (per doctors orders)... Why? Because who cares if it puts me into labor?! :D

So- wish me luck in my nesting adventures. The best news here is purely this: I have been nesting now for a few weeks, and so the house isn't really too bad... I just need to get the surface areas clean and convince Lil to clean her room.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Lil-isms from yesterday

I love my kids. They make my life so much more interesting, and bring a whole new level of love to the table. That being said, sometimes I can't help but shake my head at the blunt (mean) things I hear coming out of my eldest daughter's mouth. :)

Before church, I was helping Lil go over some spelling words for school... she (being a bit on the odd side) really loves doing her homework, so that's what she chose to do. Well, one of her words was "but." She giggled and said, "you mean, like my bum?" to which I responded with, "Um, no... like 'I like a clean house, but I don't like cleaning house.'" And Lil said, "OH! Like, 'I love my daddy, but not my mommy!" (Punk kid)

A couple hours later we are sitting in church and Lil is quietly entertaining herself with a blank pad of paper and a few crayons and pens. After a minutes contemplation she looks at me and says, "Mom, I am going to draw a picture of our family, but I am gonna draw it with baby Matthew out of your belly so you don't look too terrible!" (Nice, kid... REEEAAAL Nice!)

Then she totally redeems herself by cuddling up with me this morning on the couch for half an hour or so- until she opens that cute little mouth of hers and says, "I love cuddling with Daddy more. "

:: Sigh :: I guess I should be grateful that she does at least admit that she loves me "most of the time." Heaven knows I love her to pieces ALL the time!

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Back in December I started volunteering at my daughters school. It's only an hour a week, but that blessed hour is one of the things I look most forward to during my week! And it has gotten me to thinking (never a good thing).

For just one hour a week, I escape the house, leave my problems behind, and help some 80 plus 5-year-olds... and I LOVE IT! Now the more I think about it, the more I try to pinpoint why, exactly, I love it so much. I think the answer to that question is a bit deeper than just the surface reason of being outside my home...

**DISCLAIMER: I love being a Stay at Home Momma. I love it! It is truly satisfying work, and the benefits (which usually come in hugs and kisses) far outweigh any benefits I have ever had at a monetarily paid job. **

At church most Sunday's I hear about the blessings of serving others. I have heard plenty of testimony from those who serve about how blessed they feel. That they feel they have been helped MORE than the person they have helped. And you know what? It's absolutely true. ABSOLUTELY.

Now, what I do each week for the elementary school is by no means a huge or grand event. I stand in the PTA room and go through a list of students and trade in books they have signed off for a new book to take home and practice reading. That's all. But what I am doing for them is giving kids something new to read that night. I am helping them develop reading and comprehension skills, and more importantly, I am taking a load off their teacher's plates. And helping in this way has given me a sense of fulfillment I honestly didn't know I was missing until I found it. Here I am hugely pregnant, and waddling around the school with a cart loaded down with three crates full of kids books... I am sure it's quite the sight! But you know what? It's nice to get out and DO something. To be helpful and appreciated (if only a little, and mostly anonymously).

And oddly enough- It kinda makes me want to search out more opportunity to volunteer my time. Right now is not the easiest time for me to be volunteering since most everything I do causes contractions, but eventually this little guy will not be inside me anymore and I can get back to feeling normal. And when that happens...

There is a lady in my neighborhood that has a son with some pretty significant health concerns. He has many seizures a day. His doctors are trying a Ketogenic diet for him that is VERY specific. His food needs to be measured out to a tenth of a gram. Because of how time consuming this is, she has asked for help getting her other 5 (FIVE!) children ready and out the door for school. I so wish I was in a position to help her, and eventually I will be, but I know how hard it must be for her to ask for help, and I just admire her TONS for it. I also admire those around me who have stepped up and helped her in this. She is a fantastic mother, and hopefully this diet will greatly improve her son's health.

Do any of YOU volunteer somewhere, if so where, and any suggestions on how to involve children in the volunteer work (as in my 5 1/2 year old)?

Beating my head against a wall...

Some randomness for ya today-

*I love Zyrtec. That stuff is fantastic at clearing up allergic reactions and making pregnant ladies sleep better!

* I have been trying to piece a necklace together since yesterday afternoon. I have attempted it 4 times and have messed it up all 4 times. GRRR! This specific design will be the DEATH of me! And yet I can tell it's gonna look fantastic when it's finished!

* I am watching two kids today. One neighbor boy will be showing up any minute more to play with Lil until school starts, then another neighbor girl will be coming over from after school until Lil leaves for dance class... bit of more than I can chew? NAH! They are both good kids, and if anything, they keep Lil busy while I get stuff done...

*My toes look like sausages. Gotta love pregnancy swelling...

* My son is an acrobat/yoga master/ninja. I have never had such an active baby in utero! I can hardly wait to see how active he is when he actually arrives... (that's sarcasm... kinda)

* Anyone wanna guess what he will look like? I am holding out for blonde and curly hair, blue eyes (that stay blue) some chub. Probably 8 lbs and around 20 inches long... just a guess though.

* My kitchen floor is clean. Joe sure is good to me :)

*I kinda wish nesting was a permanent thing... I like how clean my house is right now. And I kinda like that cleaning is not a chore for me right now. What am I saying? Yeah- it's a major chore... but only physically, as far as the WANT to clean- I really do WANT TO.

* What should I make for dinner?

* Anyone wanna join me for a GNO before little Matthew arrives? I am thinking dinner out sounds nice.

* LOTS of babies being born in my neighborhood/ward. I have another baby shower to go to tomorrow... I think that's baby # 6 in as many months... and I can count 8 more due before July.

* I have shared my general due date with three other friends/family members... it's kinda neat to have that connection.

*Tuesday baby #1 was born to my cousin's wife- Kris. Yesterday baby #2 was born to my friend Laura. Baby #3 will either be mine or my other cousin's wife, Wendy...

*I kinda hope it's mine. But Wendy- I hope your little guy gets here soon!

* I like Starbursts

*And Milky Way Midnights

* I about died when I heard some foul language in a Disney movie the other day... how did I miss that Jiminey Cricket calls Pinocchio a Jack@ss TWICE? :)

* Imagination Movers DRIVE ME UP THE WALL! I would rather watch Barney! (And that's sayin' something...)

* Now Phineas and Ferb? That there is some funny cartoonage! Joe and I love to quote Doofenshrmirtz.

* My favorite line, "As they say in Mexico- Dos vidania... thats TWO vidania's!" followed closely by "It's so gastrointestinal-ly in here!" or maybe, " When it comes to havoc, nobody wreaks like me!"

* That being said, I am outta here. Have a great day everyone!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Lacey update and Lilia issues

So yeah... potty training sucks more than I remember! Lacey had a FANTASTIC first day with only two minor accidents (One of which, I blame myself for- I knew better than to put her down for a nap without a diaper or pull up). Day 2? Yeah- not good. We only successfully made it to the potty twice all day. Lots of accidents... Day 3 (yesterday)? Pretty good. Only one accident, but she was diapered a little more than I would prefer (She was being babysat, and I didn't feel good about expecting the sitter to have to monitor or clean up her accidents). Today? So far, one success, and three accidents. UGH! Good thing her accidents are fairly small and don't leak through her padded training panties...

As for Lil... she is learning to cope without the TV and computer. She had a pretty big fit yesterday and lost the TV for the remainder of the day. When she realized that, she threw and even bigger fit and lost the TV and comp for today as well... To be honest, during the day, the TV is almost always on. Though we don't always watch it. It's more of a white noise thing. But-- Lil is used to it always being at her disposal. I honestly couldn't tell you how much TV my kids watch, since the TV is always on. YUP- I created a monster. And I totally blame myself. And now, I am trying hard to break this bad BAD habit. I know it's been hard on Lil (Lacey doesn't seem to miss the TV at all). And though it seems like more of a punishment for me, but it really hasn't been so bad. I may have the TV "break" for a while! It is nice to see the girls playing together. I am kinda hoping Lil throws a huge fit again today so I can take the TV away again tomorrow! :) BUT- either way, we are gonna cut back on how many shows/ how often the TV is on from here on out. Besides, the lack of "white noise" isn't so bad. I kinda like the "silence" (if that's what you want to call it when you have just the noise of the kids and no background stuff).

So big events for now?

Joe- nothin- he is doing just fine, no adjustment needed!
Me- I need to lose some weight! :)
Lilia- breaking the TV and Computer dependency habits.
Lacey- Potty Training
Matthew- Learning to cope in the OUTSIDE WORLD!

Wish us all a little luck!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ballet Teacher

Lilia is a fantastic little dancer. She loves her dance class, and has a lot of fun learning new things. What makes it even better? She loves teaching those new moves to Lacey. I have been lucky to get her on video TWICE teaching her little sister ballet stretches and moves...

I especially love the flapping arms at the mention of a butterfly, and the "Christmas apple sauce" Lacey says in response to Lilia... cute girls!

Cute girls!

Diapers Shmiapers!

Dear Lacey,

OKAY, okay... I get it. You hate your diapers.

I know you have had a fascination with sitting on the potty for a few months now, with no interest really, on what exactly is supposed to happen (except for the toilet paper and flushing parts). I also know that you have been fully aware of the wetness and dirtiness of your diapers for some time now, and are especially NOT fond of sitting in a dirty diaper.

I know you have mastered the art of removing your own diaper, and I am also aware that this last week you frequently drop whatever you are doing, strip down to nothing and run for the potty... And amazingly enough, you do exactly what is expected of you! I have, also, become increasingly aware these last two days that when you are properly adorned with a diaper that you tug at it in the crotch area as though it is bulky and uncomfortable...

I get it, really, I do. But did you have to choose RIGHT NOW to want to be potty trained? I mean, talk about timing, with a baby brother coming soon. Sure- it'll be nice to only need to buy one set of diapers, but I have been told many MANY times how hard it is to potty train while dealing with a newborn. I love that you are so excited to become a big girl. I just hope that you will continue to be this excited when a baby enters our lives...

::Sigh:: Okay. We will see what happens. You are currently adorned in a much thinner, and much cuter pair of pink training panties, and we are aiming for a nice dry day. You just do what you know to do, and I will do my best to help you make it to the potty when it comes time for #2. I love you, you cute little stinker!


Friday, January 15, 2010

I see a light!

There is a light at the end of the tunnel. I am two weeks from my induction date! :) It's funny to me how many people think I will be going into labor earlier than that, but I kinda doubt it. Why? Cause I refuse to get my hopes up! What will happen, will happen, but I really feel like I will most likely be induced January 29th. SO RELIEVED to have that all figured out.

I had two baby showers (since this is my first boy)... and both were overwhelmingly wonderful!

At the family one, my sisters-in-law and mother-in-law created diaper sculptures out of 4 bags of diapers... They were so darn cute! And I had forgotten my camera. :( But- I did manage to get a picture of three of them when I got home... the other one was disassembled so I could get it home.

There was the Duck

The Alligator

The Baby

And the one I didn't get a picture of, was a dump truck. It was super cute though (Anna, Rach or Leah- if any of you have a picture of it, I would VERY MUCH like to get my hands on it)!

There was amazingly tasty food (chili, corn bread, salad...), fun game(s), a collection bowl (for lack of a better word), and some group gifts of amazingly cute boy clothes. I felt SO MUCH more prepared after leaving the first shower.

Then, yesterday, my friends threw me a shower, and can I just say, it was SO FUN! I love my neighborhood and the friends I have made here? They bought baby Matthew a new carseat, and once again, quite a bit of baby clothes! Once again, the food was fantastic, and the games were fun. And once it was over, I came home fully confident that I was pretty ready for my little guy to come. He is gonna be one well dressed little boy!

All in all, right now, life is GOOD! :)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Finally, a project finished! Only like 2 billion to go...


My mother made me a twin sized quilt when I was a baby/toddler. When I moved into a twin sized bed, it was my main blanket, and I continued to use it until I became a newlywed and had to finally put the quilt up on a shelf. It still makes it's appearance when I am sick and sleeping on the couch, but otherwise my super comfy twin sized patchwork quilt has finally retired. And none too soon, really, since it is quite literally falling apart.

Since I loved my blanket so much, I decided it would be good to make my kids their own twin sized quilts too. MY goal was to have them done by the time the kids move into their big kid beds. WELL-

A few years ago, when Lilia was almost 2, I made her a quilt. A twin sized quilt that she could use on her bed until the day comes when she moves out of my house and gets herself a considerably larger bed. I finished it just a few days before we moved into our new house and with the new house, came a new big girl bed for Lilia. And her quilt.

I eventually painted the girls room to match the backing on Lil's quilt. Pink and yellow. I must admit, it's my favorite paint job in the whole house! See?

Well, when Lacey was about 1, I went to the fabric store and picked out her fabric for the quilt I would make for her. I wanted it to work well with Lil's but not be the same. I went with the same pink green, and beige theme, but added in a teal colored fabric as well. The backing was made with the same colored flannel backing as Lil's. I started on the blanket, and have been working on it (on and off) for a LONG time now. When I got to about the halfway point of this pregnancy, we decided to get the girls bunk beds, and Lacey graduated from her crib to an actual bed! Problem was, I hadn't finished the quilt yet... :( I blame my sewing machine. It kept breaking on me. Well- I finally managed to borrow my mothers sewing machine and finish sewing her quilt up, followed by HOURS and HOURS of cutting, and then 4 cycles through the washer and dryer, and THIS is the final product!

I couldn't be more thrilled! I love how it turned out! And now Lacey has a quilt too! Now- I may start working on one for Matthew right away... Maybe I can get HIS done in time! :)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

New Years Resolutions...

I have never been much of a resolutions kind of person. In general I don't like setting myself up to fail. I am afraid to set a resolution for fear that I will putter out and NOT follow through, and that would be a total bummer, and would make me feel bad, and I don't like feeling bad... SO- why bother- right?

Well- this year a few things have been running through my head, and I really feel the need to change certain aspects of my life. Nothing mind altering-ly huge (except having another kid). Just little things I want to do. AND- I am putting them out here for all the world ( or at least my 17 followers) to see as a way to be held accountable for these changes. I WANT to change. And I WANT to be a better me. So on to my first ever true list of New Years Resolutions:

I want to lose weight
I want to add another member to my family
I want to have a son

Hehehe- okay seriously! No really. I will post the real ones...

*I do want to lose weight and be healthier- Joe and I went in to be tested for our Cholesterol and BP (amongst other things), and he has high blood pressure and I have moderately high cholesterol. He is already taking steps to correct his, but I can't do much until after Matthew is born. At which point I intend to join a group of neighbors for a morning workout. It's free, it's fun, and I can bring my kids... so why not?! Last year I started cooking healthier, because Joe had been given this same test, and had come back with both his BP AND his Cholesterol being high... we changed his diet up a bit to see if we could bring it down, and it worked! In changing his diet, I changed mine and the girls diet too... I will admit I slipped a bit during this pregnancy and have indulged in quite a few "treats" during the holidays. I feel pretty confident that once little Matthew is here, and I get back into the swing of things, I will be back on track as far as diet goes and therefore my cholesterol problems will most likely dissipate. Here's to hoping, I guess!

*I want to cut back on my frivolous free time activities... I have totally de-cluttered my Facebook and blog roll. I have cut back on my Internet time, and have dumped all the games on Facebook that took up all my spare time (things like Bejeweled Blitz and Solitaire games, etc.). I am now trying to follow through with this one and not add more fun and time wasting things.

*In it's place, I want to try to fill that excess free time with more important activities. Things like reading to my kids. Or playing games with them. Or taking walks, or bike rides, or playing at the park (in warmer weather). I want to fill that free time with things that uplift me, or make me feel productive, like scripture study, or baking bread, or cleaning {GASP!}. I want to make the most of my day. I want to sit down at the end of the night and be able to list off all the good and productive things I accomplished.

*Most importantly, I want to make it clear to my family how special and important they are to me. I want to tell my children every day, that I love them, and I want them to know that I mean it. Praising children is so much harder than it seems. It's easy to point out mistakes, and the bad things they do... but I want to be better at pointing out the good things and the cute things they do. I want to SHOW Joe every day that I love him. I can do that in the smallest ways... things like putting my shoes in the closet when I take them off. Actually folding the laundry I wash so he doesn't have to. Having a fairly clean kitchen and front room when he comes home so he doesn't feel the need to drop everything and clean the house...

I am already doing pretty well at a majority of these resolutions. I just hope the cleaner house part isn't just nesting, but good habits being built... I guess only time will tell huh?


My OB wants to move my due date up. ACK! He feels like I am 38 weeks. Good for him and his feelings! I told him that's fine, but I am still holding out for a Feb. baby... why, you might ask? Well- to put it simply, because of insurance. In order to use our insurance to the best of it's ability I need to hold out til Feb. 1. So that's what I am aiming to do! I know, I know... I am CRAZY. But the way I see it? My body is built to have children. And this little guy will come when he is ready. I will let it happen on it's own, and if by some chance, I manage to keep him in past my doc's new due date, and my original due date, then I will be induced on the 1st of Feb, and all is right with the world! Trust me, I am so tired, and achy and miserable... if this little (or big) guy decides to come sooner than that, I will not stop him, or attempt to stop him... I just won't bring on labor any sooner than I need to.

Okay- so I have now been to my doc twice to be "checked", and have yet to progress much, so the good news is that so far, I am totally in line to wait this pregnancy out til the first. Cross your fingers for me!

Now- as far as being prepared goes? He he he... I am NOT at all ready. I mean, I am ready to not be pregnant, but not even kind of ready to have another little one in the house. I am past the stage of freaking out about a third kid. I am even ready for that. It's purely a matter of being prepared, and I am NOT.

I was told point blank by certain friends and family members not to buy anything until after I had a baby shower. Well- baby shower #1 (a family one) is tomorrow, and #2 (a friend one) is next Thursday (anyone interested in going to either of these that hasn't had an invite, lemme know!)... SO- being my first boy, I have little to NOTHING for my little guy. I mean, I have a crib. A blanket (and other crib bedding). And some clothes, though I have no idea how many clothes as they are hand me downs and I haven't had time to pull them out and I don't have a place to put them yet... I am thinking I will start sorting clothes tomorrow. And Saturday Joe will move the bookshelf (with baskets) we will be using to house said clothes up the stairs and into a bedroom.

So yeah. Come next Saturday I will officially be more calm and ready for Matthew to join the fam. Though I won't be expecting him for another 2 weeks past then. :D

Okay- enough rambling. Hope things are well with you all!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year!

So I know I haven't been so great at keeping up with my blog. I just finished turning my 2009 posts into a book, and I found most of my entries to be a ton of catch up blogs... I will do my best to be better this year at keeping up so I don't have quite so many blogs of random pictures.

UNFORTUNATELY, today is not gonna be that day. We have had a bunch of fun this last week with Joe being off work, and Lil being out of school. It was a week of sledding, and ice skating, bowling, family parties, Christmas and New years festivities, and even a baby shower thrown in...

The day before Joe took work off (that would be Dec. 23rd), Lacey found herself something new to play with. I, of course, caught her in the act...

Later that day, Lacey did her typical strip down and disappeared with her big sister to play in the unfinished basement for a while. I kept hearing a rumbling sound followed by giggles... turns out they were sharing Lacey's tricycle. I managed to catch a good pic of them as they coasted by the basement door.

We celebrated Christmas Eve with Joe's family, and after a fantastically filling (and quite tasty) dinner we retired to the Christmas tree and proceeded with the opening of gifts. The girls were thrilled to receive a lot of fun little trinkets and toys (and some not so small toys) from the family, and came home thoroughly excited about Santa's soon to be arrival. The next day we woke up and unwrapped the few gifts beneath our tree (we tend to be a little on the sparse side since all the grandparents are sure to spoil the kids with fun gifts). Before heading out to my family celebrations we let the girls play with some of their goodies. In this shot they are coloring the picture Uncle James gave them, surrounded by Lacey's blocks (given to her by Lilia) while watching Tinkerbell and the Lost Treasure which was a gift from Santa.

Here's one of Joe sporting his gift from the girls (the slippers)...

After lounging around for a bit, we headed out for my family gathering, where the girls were once again showered with fun stuff. For example the pictures given to them by Uncle Kevin that were quite literally the same size as Lacey.

We celebrated our 9th Anniversary on the 27th with dinner and a movie. It was quite nice, and much thanks to my mom for watching the girls so we could go out. The next day we got together with Joe's family for some bowling fun. I am almost embarrassed to admit how much pizza I ate. (The equivalent of 6 slices...WOW!) All in all the girls had a blast at Christmastime with the family, and that, in turn, means Joe and I had fun.

A few days after Christmas I was invited to a baby shower for my cousin's wife. Her due date is around the same time as mine, and it was great to visit with her. Though I am annoyed to admit that she is so much smaller in the belly than I am... See?

* A little background on this picture... her husband and I are only 4 days apart in age. Our mothers took a picture at Christmas in 1980 back to back with the hugely bulging bellies. So, it seems fitting that since my cousin's wife and I have a due date so close together (her due date isn't set in stone, but it's a week or so from mine), that we continue the tradition and take a back to back photo of our future boys. I look monstrous!

At some point this week, Joe took Lilia ice skating for the first time ever. I wasn't there (seeing as how that bulbous belly would really foul me up on the ice), so I stayed home with napping Lacey. I don't have any pictures to prove it, but Joe did take a video on his camera, and trust me when I say, Lil was so cute on skates!

A couple days ago, Joe and I took the girls sledding. Now, once again, I couldn't really participate being bigger than the sled and all, but I stood at the bottom and took pictures...

All ready to go

Dad took them up the hill dragging the little disc behind him.

The area we took them to had some pretty HUGE slopes, but this one was about right for my young ones and their inexperience... Lilia was the first to go:

I wasn't quick enough to catch a good picture, but she was lovin' it! Then, Joe took Lacey down. She was hesitant at first:

But when she reached the bottom she realized it wasn't so bad.

Here is a better one of Lil. She ended up at the bottom with the sled on top of her in a fit of giggles. The bottom of these slopes had a bit of a rut followed by a snow bank to force people to a stop before hitting the neighboring fence.

Lacey was getting a bit cold and wouldn't keep her gloves on... such a cute little girl!

Lil went down with Dad this time, and was having a hard time cause Dad's weight caused them to go down much faster and she was getting pelted by snow. She got to the bottom and her face was covered in a layer of frost!

Here is a shot of Lacey coming down with Dad... seems they both got moving faster than expected. I LOVE their faces in this shot. I about put myself into labor from laughing at the look on their faces...

The last ride of the day found Lil and dad going one last time... Lilia had it all figured out by then. She just covered her face with her beanie- it's a homemade beanie, so she could see through it, but it kept the snow on her face to a minimum...

And they just happened to land in the one and ONLY mud hole. Talk about an abrupt end to the ride! Poor Joe!

Here's Joe pulling the girls back to the car. I think that was the highlight of the day for Lacey.

At least until she realized where we were headed. She was NOT happy to go home. We will for sure be doing this again. It was so fun watching them! I look forward to being able to join in on the fun!

We all went to bed at the normal time on New Years Eve... sorta. Lilia was suffering from a pretty nasty cough, so when she woke up crying at 11 pm, I gave her a nice cocktail of pain and cold medicine, plus a bit of vapor relief on the side. I didn't go to bed until she was soundly sleeping. So I woke Joe up at midnight wished him a happy new year, and snuggled in next to his warm body with my frigid one :)

Hopefully you all had a fantastic holiday season! My one and only resolution- to have a baby. I may rethink that and choose a new resolution in a month or so, but for now, that's all I can focus on... All I can say for 2010? Bring it on!