Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Rantings of a MAD pregnant lady

Okay- so- starting at the beginning.

*I was planning on holding out on induction until Feb 1. For insurance reasons, that would be in my best interest. That would put me overdue by 6 days according to my original due date.

*About a month or so ago my doc decided he wanted to up my due date to Jan 22. Meaning tomorrow I will be 1 week overdue. I was STILL holding out for Feb 1 (that would put me 10 days overdue)- I really need this insurance money. Ya following so far?

* Two weeks ago my doc schedules me for an induction on Jan 29. Even though I told him I didn't want to. He said, "We'll see how you feel next week and discuss it more in depth."

*Last week I still told him I was wanting to wait. He said, "tell ya what- if you don't want to be induced next Friday, just show up on Thursday for your regularly scheduled appointment. If you don't show up for your appointment, then I know to expect you at the hospital on Friday." Joe and I talked it over and decided to hold out for the 1st assuming he doesn't come on his own before then.

* Two days ago I got a call from the doc's office. His head nurse informed me that due to a family emergency, my doctor needs to move my induction date UP to Thursday. I asked the nurse if it's possible to move it BACK to Monday (Feb 1) instead. She then informs me that he will be out of town for a week and won't be back until the 4th. Not cool.

* I talk to Joe and we decide that being delivered by my doctor is more important than the insurance issues... SO we set the induction date for Thursday. At this point, I know the end is in sight and since the first is just NOT an option I reprogram my brain for the 28th. And can I tell you what a relief that is? Cause my back hurts and my stomach hurts, and my legs hurt, and I am not sleeping at night, and, and, etc.

* Today, I wait for my call from the hospital confirming my induction time, and come to find out I am 5th in line. 5TH! They will only schedule two inductions per day for sure... after that it's a matter of space available. So I am 3rd on call. According to the lady I talked to, if tonight is busy the chances of me being called in for induction are pretty slim (as in almost non-existent).

* The biggest problem I see? Today was a busy day in L&D and historically, nights are busier than days. Also- it is nearly a full moon, which means more women in labor. That may be a wives tale (or not?) but it seems to hold pretty true. So tonight is looking to be busy.

* The next problem... IF I don't have this little guy tomorrow, I CAN'T reschedule an induction because it's against my doc's office policy to schedule inductions for other doctor's patients. Meaning, my doctor is out of town, so no other doctor will induce me. MEANING- I will have to wait to go into labor on my own.

* The idea of going into labor on my own scares me a bit due to issues involving Group B Strep, short labors, and not enough time... (Long story short- my niece was born with GBS and nearly died... I want my child to get enough time for the antibiotics to kick in, and I am not sure my labor will be long enough to do that if I can't be in the hospital from the moment of the very first contraction)

* ALSO- because I re-programmed myself to think the 28th is the day, I am really REALLY struggling with the idea of NOT having him tomorrow. I am just so ready to be done. I am so ready to meet my little (or big) guy, and all I really want is to be back in control of my own body.

*Whatever the case, I am annoyed, I am in pain, I am worried that tomorrow wont happen, and I really REALLY need some prayers here. Big time.

That is all. Rant over.


Laura... and the boys said...

Oh I FEEL for you!!!! I'm still suffering PTSD from them scheduling my induction and me not getting it!!!

M,W, and CJ said...

If anyone feels your pain, it's me, lady. Just ask Mike.... yesterday was a mad, complaining, ranting and raving day of my own- and I have the same GBS issues, and we are living parallel lives..... Good thing we're getting stinkin' cute kids at the end of this, right :). Anyway- I'll pray for you if you pray for me. Love ya.

Amber said...

I wish you luck! I hope to hear soon that this baby is here! I guess you got your wish though... You WANTED To wait!