Thursday, January 7, 2010


My OB wants to move my due date up. ACK! He feels like I am 38 weeks. Good for him and his feelings! I told him that's fine, but I am still holding out for a Feb. baby... why, you might ask? Well- to put it simply, because of insurance. In order to use our insurance to the best of it's ability I need to hold out til Feb. 1. So that's what I am aiming to do! I know, I know... I am CRAZY. But the way I see it? My body is built to have children. And this little guy will come when he is ready. I will let it happen on it's own, and if by some chance, I manage to keep him in past my doc's new due date, and my original due date, then I will be induced on the 1st of Feb, and all is right with the world! Trust me, I am so tired, and achy and miserable... if this little (or big) guy decides to come sooner than that, I will not stop him, or attempt to stop him... I just won't bring on labor any sooner than I need to.

Okay- so I have now been to my doc twice to be "checked", and have yet to progress much, so the good news is that so far, I am totally in line to wait this pregnancy out til the first. Cross your fingers for me!

Now- as far as being prepared goes? He he he... I am NOT at all ready. I mean, I am ready to not be pregnant, but not even kind of ready to have another little one in the house. I am past the stage of freaking out about a third kid. I am even ready for that. It's purely a matter of being prepared, and I am NOT.

I was told point blank by certain friends and family members not to buy anything until after I had a baby shower. Well- baby shower #1 (a family one) is tomorrow, and #2 (a friend one) is next Thursday (anyone interested in going to either of these that hasn't had an invite, lemme know!)... SO- being my first boy, I have little to NOTHING for my little guy. I mean, I have a crib. A blanket (and other crib bedding). And some clothes, though I have no idea how many clothes as they are hand me downs and I haven't had time to pull them out and I don't have a place to put them yet... I am thinking I will start sorting clothes tomorrow. And Saturday Joe will move the bookshelf (with baskets) we will be using to house said clothes up the stairs and into a bedroom.

So yeah. Come next Saturday I will officially be more calm and ready for Matthew to join the fam. Though I won't be expecting him for another 2 weeks past then. :D

Okay- enough rambling. Hope things are well with you all!


~Aimee~ said...

Just a thought, if you are really wanting to hold off labor for now, I would decline any vaginal exams. You don't want an "accidental" rupture or stripping of your membranes. Also, that way you don't have that stress of "Oh my gosh I'm 3 cm dilated this baby is going to fall out of me any second". Just a thought. ;-)

Diane Conn said...

So where are you going to put this little guy? Are you going to squeeze him in with the girls or will the basement turn into a bedroom at some point?

Pam said...

Aimee- I sit at 3cm for quite some time. With my last two, I was at 3cm for the last three weeks :)

Diane- His crib is currently in my room, and we are hoping to have a basement room by the time he is 6 months or so and then we will move the girls downstairs and him to their old room...