Thursday, January 21, 2010

Beating my head against a wall...

Some randomness for ya today-

*I love Zyrtec. That stuff is fantastic at clearing up allergic reactions and making pregnant ladies sleep better!

* I have been trying to piece a necklace together since yesterday afternoon. I have attempted it 4 times and have messed it up all 4 times. GRRR! This specific design will be the DEATH of me! And yet I can tell it's gonna look fantastic when it's finished!

* I am watching two kids today. One neighbor boy will be showing up any minute more to play with Lil until school starts, then another neighbor girl will be coming over from after school until Lil leaves for dance class... bit of more than I can chew? NAH! They are both good kids, and if anything, they keep Lil busy while I get stuff done...

*My toes look like sausages. Gotta love pregnancy swelling...

* My son is an acrobat/yoga master/ninja. I have never had such an active baby in utero! I can hardly wait to see how active he is when he actually arrives... (that's sarcasm... kinda)

* Anyone wanna guess what he will look like? I am holding out for blonde and curly hair, blue eyes (that stay blue) some chub. Probably 8 lbs and around 20 inches long... just a guess though.

* My kitchen floor is clean. Joe sure is good to me :)

*I kinda wish nesting was a permanent thing... I like how clean my house is right now. And I kinda like that cleaning is not a chore for me right now. What am I saying? Yeah- it's a major chore... but only physically, as far as the WANT to clean- I really do WANT TO.

* What should I make for dinner?

* Anyone wanna join me for a GNO before little Matthew arrives? I am thinking dinner out sounds nice.

* LOTS of babies being born in my neighborhood/ward. I have another baby shower to go to tomorrow... I think that's baby # 6 in as many months... and I can count 8 more due before July.

* I have shared my general due date with three other friends/family members... it's kinda neat to have that connection.

*Tuesday baby #1 was born to my cousin's wife- Kris. Yesterday baby #2 was born to my friend Laura. Baby #3 will either be mine or my other cousin's wife, Wendy...

*I kinda hope it's mine. But Wendy- I hope your little guy gets here soon!

* I like Starbursts

*And Milky Way Midnights

* I about died when I heard some foul language in a Disney movie the other day... how did I miss that Jiminey Cricket calls Pinocchio a Jack@ss TWICE? :)

* Imagination Movers DRIVE ME UP THE WALL! I would rather watch Barney! (And that's sayin' something...)

* Now Phineas and Ferb? That there is some funny cartoonage! Joe and I love to quote Doofenshrmirtz.

* My favorite line, "As they say in Mexico- Dos vidania... thats TWO vidania's!" followed closely by "It's so gastrointestinal-ly in here!" or maybe, " When it comes to havoc, nobody wreaks like me!"

* That being said, I am outta here. Have a great day everyone!


M,W, and CJ said...

I think you'll probably go first..... this little guys isn't showing many signs of wanting to make his appearance into the world :) I am thinking about a 10 mile hike tonight to try to get things started- hehehe. Good luck, girl! They have to come sometime!

Sariah in Vancouver said...

We like Phineas and Ferb, too. That show is pretty darn funny!

I'm making a cheesy potato soup tonight. :)

Morgan said...

Couple of things regarding your post:

I think your baby will be bald. Not sure why, just do.

I LOVE Imagination Movers. Probably the only show that I can actually be entertained by when I sit and watch it. I really wanted to take the girls to one of their shows. haha

We just had fajitas for lunch. They were going to be for dinner, but I couldn't wait. And they were so good!