Sunday, January 17, 2010

Diapers Shmiapers!

Dear Lacey,

OKAY, okay... I get it. You hate your diapers.

I know you have had a fascination with sitting on the potty for a few months now, with no interest really, on what exactly is supposed to happen (except for the toilet paper and flushing parts). I also know that you have been fully aware of the wetness and dirtiness of your diapers for some time now, and are especially NOT fond of sitting in a dirty diaper.

I know you have mastered the art of removing your own diaper, and I am also aware that this last week you frequently drop whatever you are doing, strip down to nothing and run for the potty... And amazingly enough, you do exactly what is expected of you! I have, also, become increasingly aware these last two days that when you are properly adorned with a diaper that you tug at it in the crotch area as though it is bulky and uncomfortable...

I get it, really, I do. But did you have to choose RIGHT NOW to want to be potty trained? I mean, talk about timing, with a baby brother coming soon. Sure- it'll be nice to only need to buy one set of diapers, but I have been told many MANY times how hard it is to potty train while dealing with a newborn. I love that you are so excited to become a big girl. I just hope that you will continue to be this excited when a baby enters our lives...

::Sigh:: Okay. We will see what happens. You are currently adorned in a much thinner, and much cuter pair of pink training panties, and we are aiming for a nice dry day. You just do what you know to do, and I will do my best to help you make it to the potty when it comes time for #2. I love you, you cute little stinker!



Ben and Heidi said...

And it sounds like she is doing good so far! Keep up the good work Lacey