Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Finally, a project finished! Only like 2 billion to go...


My mother made me a twin sized quilt when I was a baby/toddler. When I moved into a twin sized bed, it was my main blanket, and I continued to use it until I became a newlywed and had to finally put the quilt up on a shelf. It still makes it's appearance when I am sick and sleeping on the couch, but otherwise my super comfy twin sized patchwork quilt has finally retired. And none too soon, really, since it is quite literally falling apart.

Since I loved my blanket so much, I decided it would be good to make my kids their own twin sized quilts too. MY goal was to have them done by the time the kids move into their big kid beds. WELL-

A few years ago, when Lilia was almost 2, I made her a quilt. A twin sized quilt that she could use on her bed until the day comes when she moves out of my house and gets herself a considerably larger bed. I finished it just a few days before we moved into our new house and with the new house, came a new big girl bed for Lilia. And her quilt.

I eventually painted the girls room to match the backing on Lil's quilt. Pink and yellow. I must admit, it's my favorite paint job in the whole house! See?

Well, when Lacey was about 1, I went to the fabric store and picked out her fabric for the quilt I would make for her. I wanted it to work well with Lil's but not be the same. I went with the same pink green, and beige theme, but added in a teal colored fabric as well. The backing was made with the same colored flannel backing as Lil's. I started on the blanket, and have been working on it (on and off) for a LONG time now. When I got to about the halfway point of this pregnancy, we decided to get the girls bunk beds, and Lacey graduated from her crib to an actual bed! Problem was, I hadn't finished the quilt yet... :( I blame my sewing machine. It kept breaking on me. Well- I finally managed to borrow my mothers sewing machine and finish sewing her quilt up, followed by HOURS and HOURS of cutting, and then 4 cycles through the washer and dryer, and THIS is the final product!

I couldn't be more thrilled! I love how it turned out! And now Lacey has a quilt too! Now- I may start working on one for Matthew right away... Maybe I can get HIS done in time! :)


M,W, and CJ said...

I'm in love with it! Both of them are really cute. I made Cecily a crib quilt and wanted to make one for each kiddo before they're born...... but I'd better get crackin' if I want to get one done for this little guy before he comes, huh? Anyway, very nice- I didn't even know you were a sewing gal!

Ben and Heidi said...

Good job looks great!

Amber said...

Super cute!!