Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Lacey update and Lilia issues

So yeah... potty training sucks more than I remember! Lacey had a FANTASTIC first day with only two minor accidents (One of which, I blame myself for- I knew better than to put her down for a nap without a diaper or pull up). Day 2? Yeah- not good. We only successfully made it to the potty twice all day. Lots of accidents... Day 3 (yesterday)? Pretty good. Only one accident, but she was diapered a little more than I would prefer (She was being babysat, and I didn't feel good about expecting the sitter to have to monitor or clean up her accidents). Today? So far, one success, and three accidents. UGH! Good thing her accidents are fairly small and don't leak through her padded training panties...

As for Lil... she is learning to cope without the TV and computer. She had a pretty big fit yesterday and lost the TV for the remainder of the day. When she realized that, she threw and even bigger fit and lost the TV and comp for today as well... To be honest, during the day, the TV is almost always on. Though we don't always watch it. It's more of a white noise thing. But-- Lil is used to it always being at her disposal. I honestly couldn't tell you how much TV my kids watch, since the TV is always on. YUP- I created a monster. And I totally blame myself. And now, I am trying hard to break this bad BAD habit. I know it's been hard on Lil (Lacey doesn't seem to miss the TV at all). And though it seems like more of a punishment for me, but it really hasn't been so bad. I may have the TV "break" for a while! It is nice to see the girls playing together. I am kinda hoping Lil throws a huge fit again today so I can take the TV away again tomorrow! :) BUT- either way, we are gonna cut back on how many shows/ how often the TV is on from here on out. Besides, the lack of "white noise" isn't so bad. I kinda like the "silence" (if that's what you want to call it when you have just the noise of the kids and no background stuff).

So big events for now?

Joe- nothin- he is doing just fine, no adjustment needed!
Me- I need to lose some weight! :)
Lilia- breaking the TV and Computer dependency habits.
Lacey- Potty Training
Matthew- Learning to cope in the OUTSIDE WORLD!

Wish us all a little luck!


Mary and Steve said...

That TV thing is hard. We have designated TV times and I'm still asked all day every day when they can watch, you'd think they would learn. Good luck!

Ben and Heidi said...

I am with you too the girls would watch tv all day if I let them but I sure do get tired of the noise on all the time I like the peace and quite

Amber said...

We don't have TV here. Just movies, and I have to be honest- I LOVE IT!
Good luck with the potty training... I seriously think when you potty train the Momma has to be ready to let go of the diapers!

annie valentine said...

Yes, we would be AMAZING friends!

Wait until they're older, I don't let my six year old play video games during the week and it's torture for me. As for the little kids, I have been attempting to give them a few tv-free hours each day. I'm amazed when I see them playing together that it actually works.

And we're on day 17 and still trying to get the poo poo down. (And I still give her candy every single time she goes. Cause I'm smart and have good dental insurance.)