Friday, December 26, 2008

A Moderately Good Christmas

I previously mentioned Joe being home with the flu- turns out I was wrong... he had food poisoning. Poor guy! Having had a bout of Food Poisoning this summer, we were absolutely convinced that was what he was (and kinda still is) suffering from. As of Christmas Eve he had not quite recovered completely, but was well enough to join in the festivities at my mothers house. We packed an overnight bag for the whole family, and went to my mom's for some pizza, games, and a nice little lesson on the true meaning of Christmas.

We had all sorts of fun and ended up not getting to bed til nearly 1 am. As Joe and I were headed to bed, we found Lilia had wet her makeshift bed. Not a good sign. About 10 minutes later (she is cleaned up, and settled into our bed with us) she informs me that she thinks she may need to throw up. So to lessen the damage of Grandma's house and bedding, I pull out towels, blankets and a couple pillows and I bed down with her on the floor in the TV room (closest room to the bathroom, and big enough to stretch out on the floor). It was a restless night for me, but Lil (thankfully) didn't toss her cookies.

That next morning after coaxing my brothers awake, we head down to start the Christmas morning frenzy. It went well and we got all the best reactions from Lilia. She got some dress up clothes from Joe and I, Little Mermaid, Sleeping Beauty and Tinkerbell from Santa, scarves, mittens and hats from Grandma and a few other small toys and trinkets from my brothers. Lacey scored some pretty good gifts too. Joe was thoroughly surprised with his new Wii (from me) and games (from my brother and mom). Well, about 10 minutes after we had finished unwrapping gifts, I was making breakfast in the kitchen, my mom was settling Lil in to watch her new movies upstairs and Joe and my brothers were setting up the Wii downstairs in the basement. Lil didn't eat breakfast, and sure enough a few minutes later she finally did throw up. Poor girl ended up with the flu. Luckily it was a 24 (or less) hour bug, she felt much better by early evening. And she got to watch all her movies at least once (between sleeping bouts). Joe and the boys played the Wii most the day (which was fun to watch) and Mom and I played with Lacey and kept Lil hydrated (all the while watching our movies and calling family to wish the Merry Christmas).

We came home around 5 or so and by 8 Lacey was sick. :( Poor thing had a pretty bad night. At about 1:30 I found Joe back in the bathroom with the flu too. Seems that as of now, I am the only survivor. Good thing Joe (though tired) felt much better when he woke up. Lacey is doing better too. Though none of the three are up to 100% it seems they are all past the worst of it. Good thing too, because Joe has made plans for our anniversary, and the two of us are supposed to be disappearing off on our own for the night... Here's to hoping I don't get this little bug tonight!

All in all, minus the sickness, it was a nice Christmas. Now if I can just get the family all healthy again... Hope you all had a great one! (Sorry for the lack of pictures, I took the camera, but forgot to use it!)


Heather and Billy said...

Oh Pam! I hope you didn't and I hope you are all on the mend! Yuk. I'm glad it was still moderately good though. It sounds like you handled it all really well. Merry Christmas and heres to a HEALTHY new year!