Sunday, December 28, 2008

8 Wonderful Years

So I am a day late in posting this, but I totally blame Joe for that! :) He took me away for an overnight trip to Armstrong Mansion. :D

Yesterday Joe and I celebrated our 8th Anniversary! I am so grateful for my wonderful husband and all he does for me and the girls. He is such a great man, and I feel very privileged to be his wife. As a way of commemorating the last 8 years, I am gonna list 8 things about him that I admire.

* Joe is loyal- even when things aren't going well, and even when its a detriment to his own well being, or situation, he will continue to be loyal to those who have gained his trust.

* Joe is a spiritual giant- He loves his religion and lives it well. He is well versed in scripture, and serves in his callings without hesitation or complaint. He leads a life worthy of the priesthood he holds.

* Joe serves others- if someone he knows is moving, he will be there to help, when people (both in the family and out) call with computer problems, he is right there to help them out. He never expects payment, and he never expects favors in return. He serves and help others because it is the right thing to do.

* Joe is a great daddy- his love for the girls is so evident in his face and his demeanor. He has now written a letter to each of his girls, and both of those letters brings me to tears. He is so sweet with them, he plays with them and teaches them, and cuddles with them. He is their favorite jungle gym and pillow all in one. He adores his girls, and they, in return, adore him.

* Joe is a great husband- his love for me is evident in the way he treats me. He knows me so well that I rarely have need to explain my feelings to him. He helps me with so much around the house. He does laundry (all the time), dishes (some of the time) and helps clean the rest of the house (as needed). He also is quick to realize when I am having a bad day and either make dinner or offer to take us all out. :D Really- I consider myself truly lucky because he not only does all this, but he does it better than me!

* Joe is smart- he is a special kind of smart though. He never ever makes others feel dumb. He has this way of making complicated things sound simple. He is a natural at fixing and building things. He can look at something and understand it.

* Joe is funny- my very first impression of Joe was that he was very animated (kinda like Jim Carry). He always makes me smile. His laughter is infectious, and I enjoy his sense of humor. Even on the worst day, Joe can make me smile.

* Joe is working toward a healthier life- he wakes up at a RIDICULOUS hour (like 5:30) so that he can work out each day before work. He is trying to eat healthier, and is choosing low fat and no fat foods over the rich and fattening stuff. He has cut a lot of salt out of his diet (that's a hard one for me) and doesn't drink any soda. He is doing this all to improve himself. When we eat out he looks for the healthier alternatives such a fish (ick) or lightly seasoned chicken (as in- not covered in cream sauces and the likes).

All in all, I got myself a pretty amazing husband. And besides all that, he is HOT. Well, at least I think he is... :) Happy Anniversary Joe. Thank you for making the last 8 years the best years of my life. I LOVE YOU!


Morgan said...

Happy Anniversary!!! I don't know what Armstrong Mansion is, but if it is any kind of getaway place that doesn't allow sounds great to me!

Heather and Billy said...

Awww.. Happy Anniversary!
p.s. What's your trick? I need to know how to get Billy to do that last one and stick to it. =)

Mary and Steve said...

I was reading and looking at the pictures then I saw my house, yay for me, heehee. Happy Anniversary :)

Ben and Heidi said...

Happy anniversary to you!