Monday, December 8, 2008

Food for thought Friday (okay Monday)

I am a bit late here on this. Been in a bit of a posting funk since Thanksgiving. Sorry about that... But I was intending to post a recipe on Friday and couldn't come up with one in particular that suited my fancy.

WELL- Last night was one of the family Christmas parties for the year, and my mother (okay- my brother) made one of her staple meals. One of my cousins was wanting the recipe, and since I owed a recipe for FFTF, I decided to post it here for my cousin (and anyone else who may be interested in it).

1 cup plum jam
1 cup Catalina dressing
1 package onion soup mix
4 boneless skinless chicken breasts (cut into bite size pieces)
pineapple tidbits (optional)
bell pepper (optional)
sliced carrots (optional)

Mix dressing ingredients. Cook chicken pieces. Add dressing to chicken in the frying pan and add a little water to almost cover chicken pieces. Add pineapple and veggies. Simmer for 15-20 minutes. Serve over rice.

(Another version of this replaces plum jam with apricot jam, and replaces catalina dressing with BBQ sauce)

On a side note, Katie, I got a call on my way home last night from my brother profusely apologizing to me because (it seems) he (kinda sorta) forgot to add the plum jam to the sticky chicken. So I was RIGHT last night when I said something was "off" about it! SOOOO- What was fed to all of us last night was missing one of the key ingredients. It was still good, but trust me- it is 100% better when plum jam is added!


Diane Conn said...

Hey Pam,
We usually use apricot jam instead of plum jam. Apparently plums are bad luck on a Navy ship, so my uncle refused to eat dinner if it had plums in it (16+ years ago) so we use apricot. I like it better.

And recently, b y accident we started usung Lipton's Savory Herb with Garlic mix instead of the onion. Its really good too!