Thursday, December 11, 2008

All I want for Christmas

A friend of mine, Mindy, wrote a blog earlier today about her daughters first attempt at a letter to Santa. And lemme tell ya- it was absolutely fantastic and so CUTE! Mindy's daughter is in Lilia's preschool class, and she is a pretty smart kiddo! She is also an extremely polite little girl! I love having her over to play with Lilia because of how well behaved she is. Anyway- totally beside the point!

So of course, as soon as I read that blog I asked Lil if she wanted to write a letter to Santa. Of course Lilia loved the idea, and so she found a pad of paper and a pen and proceeded to write out her list. Of course, she is only 4, so you can't expect a perfect letter yet, but she did her best!

She asked Santa for:

PEDRPAN (Peter Pan- When I told her she already had Peter Pan, she said, "Oh yeah! oops!" and crossed it out.)

PRPL BIC (A purple bike- "I already have a pink one, now I want a purple one")

TIKRBEL (Tinkerbell the movie)

COR (A car- not sure why, but that's what she says she wants!)

She also added that she wants some JAMUS (Jamma's as in Pajama's...)


Laural Out Loud said...

She spelled those words out? At four? Amazing! Gabi's been verbally going over her Christmas list with me for months. And she's not getting a single thing that she wants (we just don't have the money for most of it). I kind of wish she believed in Santa so I could blame him for her list not being under the tree!