Thursday, December 18, 2008


So as some of you might know, I went in for allergy testing this week. And the results are in. I couldn't help but share a few of my more odd results.

Now first off, I was tested mainly for my allergy to metal. And boy am I ever allergic. The dermatologist was a bit alarmed at my reaction to Nickel. Which is a pretty common metal. But- most of my other allergies are minor. Though the dermatologist made it a point to warn me that they may be slight now, but the more I handle the items I am allergic to the worse the allergy will become. So now- on to my allergies!

The proper name for the items I am allergic to are:

Wood Alcohols (Lanolin)
Ethylenediamine Dihydrochloride
Cobalt Dichloride
Mercapto Mix

Now these items are located in some pretty common items! Like I mentioned before I am pretty severely allergic to Nickel, so I really need to avoid things like Zippers, buttons, watchbands, anything less that 18-ct gold (platinum and 18-ct or higher gold should be fine), scissors, keys, coins... yeah- that sucks. The doc said if I can help it, and I am gonna have prolonged contact with any of these items I should wear protective cotton gloves... why cotton you ask? WELL- it seems one of my lesser allergies is a key ingredient in rubber! I am mildly allergic to rubber gloves! Amongst other rubber items...

Some other items I should avoid due to allergies?
Cosmetics such as foundations, powders, blush, mascara, LIPSTICK and CHAPSTICK, etc.
Most lotions
Pet shampoos
Hair removal products (like Nair)
Cobalt based paints
DENTAL IMPLANTS (such as the one I need next month)
Vitamin B12
most forms of natural rubber
hydrocortisone creams
Steroid:groub b and group d2
Desonide (read: Desitin)
ear, nose and eye drops

And that folks, is how SCREWED UP I AM! :) I can't help but laugh at a good portion of these allergies. Mostly because everything on this second list is just a mild allergy. I don't react too bad, at least not yet...

Awesome! :)


Diane Conn said...

ask Aaron about his allergy treatments. Steven had them too. It sounds like a bunch of quackery, but Aaron went from 1-2 Allegra D a day to 3 a year, TOPS!

So, I'm not sure if metal allergies and stuff like yours will react the same, but you should see.

Heather and Billy said...

awesome indeed. I don't know how I have managed to miss your last SEVERAL posts. I'm so sorry! How is Lacey's head doing? Yah, my MIL swears by her allergy treatments too.

Moon Family said...

Your blog is so cute and fun! I especially love the picture of your girls on the header. I can't believe you are allergic to so many things. I would seriously not survive without chapstick, or make up for that matter! Did the dermatologist ever figure out what was going on with Lacey's mouth?