Thursday, December 18, 2008

Dinner and disaster!

We had some friends come over for dinner last night. It was SO GREAT catching up with them, and I REALLY enjoyed talking with them all (though I especially loved talking with Jordyn and Julie). I am so glad they came up for dinner (Thanks Julie, Ben and Russ!)!

BUT- with all the noise and awesomeness (read: fun chaos) all of us managed to NOT hear Lacey take yet another tumble down the stairs. I had removed the gate because at OTHER peoples houses, Lacey handles the stairs pretty well. But for whatever reason she doesn't like our stairs (hmm... maybe its because she keeps FALLING DOWN THEM!). Well- This fall was by far the worst one yet. Poor girl has one heckuva bump or two, and scratched up her face.

This was right after the incident:

This was this morning...

It's hard for pictures to do it any justice. This was a pretty nasty looking mess last night. There were two bumps and a lot of bruising and scrapes around her eye.
This last picture gives a pretty good look at the size of the bump...

And that was this morning! Imagine how much worse it looked last night!

Good news is that she is acting normal and I have all day today and tomorrow to monitor and decide if she might be concussed and need to see a doctor (so far all signs point to her being just fine...)


Diane Conn said...

stop beating your children and blaming it on the stairs.

Loots said...

Poor Lacey!

We're still paranoid about Mike around stairs. (We don't have any for him to practice on.) He insists on walking down the stairs, not crawling down backwards, and he's good at tripping. (as all toddlers are) He thinks he can do it himself though, and doesn't care to wait for mom or dad to help him. He has fallen down stairs a few times. Thankfully not as bad as Lacey's (ouch!) or not the ones outside our front door!

Ben and Heidi said...

Poor little Lacey that doesn't look fun at all.