Monday, December 8, 2008

Darn that cute baby!

Friday evening we had a Christmas party to go to as soon as Joe got home from work. About 20 minutes before his expected arrival, I told Lil it was time to get ready for the party. I got Lacey ready then went to find clean clothes for Lil. Well- Lil asked if she could take a bath. Totally fine by me. I got the water temperature "just right" for her, and I left her to play for a while, so that I could finish cleaning the kitchen before we had to leave for a party. She was happily playing in her bath, while Lacey was happily playing in her bedroom, and I was not so happily cleaning. Well- a few minutes later I hear Lilia cry out, "MOOOOOOMMMMM!!!" I go running into the bathroom thinking something bad has happened and THIS is what I found:


Morgan said...

That is HILARIOS!!! I haven't had that happen yet.

Morgan said...

And I totally spelled "hilarious" wrong. Doh!

Diane Conn said...

I have pictures of Sarah like that too!