Monday, December 15, 2008

Family Party!

So my cousin and brother (roommates) invited the fam over to their apartment for a night of cocoa, cookies, laughter, and all sorts of good times. I, like usual, failed to bring my camera. BUT- my very best friend (and cousin) did happen to remember hers. (I think her camera resides in her purse... she always has it!)

Anyway- so I stole her pictures and am posting them here for everyone to see!

First off, my unbelievably tall brother Kevin.

Okay so maybe he isn't THAT tall. But he pretty tall. Here he is with my baby brother David.

It's like the Jolly Green Giant and Paul Bunion! I swear my younger brothers are HUGE! (Now to be quite honest, they ARE standing next to a 6 foot tree and a totally fake fireplace, so they look much taller than they actually are...)

To give you a better perspective, here is a picture of LACEY in front of the fireplace. Someone in their apartment complex made the mistake of challenging the always creative duo (Kevin and my cousin, Steven) to a decorations contest. This fireplace is made of ply wood, paint and some awesome tissue paper fire (amongst other things)... Bet you can't guess who won!

Lacey was such a sucker for the camera! Always has been. She sees a camera and comes running, smile always ready.

Then came the well known, annual tradition...

of taping your big sister (me) to the ceiling...

What?! Not a tradition in your family? Wow! You are SO behind the times! (okay- totally kidding. But this should help you see the size difference between me and my younger brothers!)

During the whole ordeal, Joe sat on the couch smiling, and it wasn't until Lil came in the room that I stood a chance of escape. She was in near hysterics crying while they attempted to tape me up. So being the good uncles they were, they put me down to calm Lilia down.

Thanks for saving me Lil!

We had so much fun catching up. I just LOVE my family! All sorts of fun, lemme tell ya. Both girls had more than their fair share of cookies and chocolate. ESPECIALLY Lacey. She is a chocolate FIEND.

Eventually it was time to head home. We bundled our girls up in their jammies for the drive home, and smart little Lacey, who knew that jammies mean bedtime, got very very sad.

All in all a great night, filled with, Chastity Lines, Spare Oom, Delicious gold fish, and some pretty boisterous laughter... (don't ask- we are NUTS)

Hope this season is a great one for you all!


~AnnaMarie~ said...

How fun! And I dont have times like these because I am 5'9" and taller than most of my brothers ;) Guess I could tape my brother to the ceiling...that's a thought. Glad you had fun! It looks like a blast!

Morgan said...

Looks like a blast! Reminds me of (and makes me miss) my family. We get together and us siblings have a blast. Tons of laughing and joking. And there has definitely been taping before too! :)

Ben and Heidi said...

I am glad to see that my brother isn't the only one who hasn't grown up!

Mary and Steve said...

I wanted to see you taped to ceiling, maybe next year. I bet Lilia will want to help when she's a teen.