Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I've been domesticated!

Not sure what happened, really. It just sorta happened. Yeah- that's my story.

One day I am just plain ol' me, and the next thing I know I am sewing, and cooking, and baking, and canning, and all kinds of other crafty projects!

I have been making bread lately. But not just any bread. WHEAT bread. WITH HOME GROUND WHEAT. Yeah- I have a wheat grinder. Betcha didn't know that. Well I do. And I am using it! I love me some good bread recipes, and I have found that I am also not too bad at actually making bread with my hands! (As in *GASP* NO breadmaker OR Bosch/Kitchen Aid!)

Also, I am in the middle of making Lacey a twin sized blanket. Similar to the one I made for Lil, similar color scheme, but different, too! Lil's is pink, green, and beige. Laceys is pink, teal, and green. Both have the same backing. Pastel pink and yellow flannel. The girls should be able to share a bedroom for years to come, and yet not have the same exact blankets and bedding... The blanket is still in the cutting stage, not yet starting to sew, but it is coming right along!

The other day I ran across a pair of pants that belong to Lacey that had formed a home in the knee. So what did I do? I cut off the legs and added a skirt! All without a pattern! AND- it turned out pretty cute, if I say so myself!

To top it off, as you may have noticed (or read in my last blog) I have taken up canning (or should I say bottling)! This is new territory for me. I mean, my mom made and bottled salsa a few times growing up, and I helped, a little. But this was all me- well me and a few friends...

And now Halloween is approaching, and I find myself wondering if I should attempt to sew a few costumes, or go to the store and buy some costumes... I mean, if I sew the girls their costumes, I can use thicker fabrics to keep them warm (not that they are gonna need it this year). I can also choose the exact fabrics I want. Lil wants to be a mermaid. I could make her a mermaid costume, and make Lacey a fish or something... BUT- if I buy them, I am limited on exactly what the costume will look like, and the quality will most likely be lacking since I can't afford super nice (read: expensive) costumes... And so what am I gonna do?

BUY EM! Yeah- I am not THAT domestic yet...


Sariah in Vancouver said...

LOL That last line made me laugh.

Good for you! I'm not domesticated yet; I haven't baked bread in years, I have never canned, and I can't sew. Homemade wheat bread sounds so good right now though... Maybe I'll pull out our breadmaker. :)

Heather and Billy said...

You know, I've noticed this seems to be going around. A lot of people I know have suddenly become 'domesticated'. Myself included. I've been making our bread most days instead of buying it at the store. And I've started sewing. Haven't hit the canning circuit yet but that's more of a poor and inaccessibility thing.

Mamasphere said...

It's a joke amongst my old friends how domesticated I've become since college, but in no way do I even compare to you! I really wish I knew how to make bread from scratch (and to grind my own wheat!). Let's just say, if we end up in a world crisis and have to live off the land, you're more prepared than I am, lol.