Thursday, October 16, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful for many things... (For an upbeat post ONLY read the bold)

I am thankful for my Humidifier for keeping the kids room nice and muggy last night. I am thankful for the Cool night air that helped Lacey breath between midnight and 1:30 this morning when the humidifier wasn't enough. I am also thankful for the baby monitor for letting me hear how labored Lacey's breathing was all night long. I am thankful for my steamy hot bathroom this morning when both the humidifier AND the cool night air failed to relieve Lacey's breathing. I am thankful for the wonderful dinner we had last night that somehow managed to find it's way into the dog's belly thus making her sick all over my carpets, bedding, and couch. I am thankful for warm winter boots that kept my feet warm while cuddling with my sick baby but also managed to alert us to all the dog sickness in the house... I am thankful for my vast knowledge of croup, so I knew what I was dealing with (that one is a legitimate thing to be thankful for). I am also extremely thankful for our 4 year old who woke up at 2 and climbed into bed with Mom and Dad night before last, stepping on Dad's glasses on the nightstand in the process and breaking them in two. Oh, and I am also thankful for UEA weekend creating a day off of preschool since Lil woke up this morning sounding just as sick as her little sister. I am thankful for health insurance for making it possible to get my kids the needed steroids to make it through the next few nights without Mom going nuts. I am thankful for eye doctors in the neighboring city that take Joe's insurance and can get him new (most likely expensive) glasses. I am grateful for the nearest grocery store for providing me with a rug doctor to clean up my couch, and carpets after the dogs midnight. And most importantly- today I am grateful for my ward bishopric for asking us to speak in church on Sunday a mere hour or two before all this chaos ensued. Of course we said yes! Our topics? Family and blessings...

How's this for a sarcastic yet totally truthful post? ;)

Oh, and for Favorite Things Friday- I can already tell you it's gonna be my pillow, bed, memory foam mattress topper, and newly laundered bedding set (completely dog sick free)!

(Believe it or not, I may not be working on much sleep, but I am actually doing really well today- not losing my mind yet...)


Ben and Heidi said...

Oh the joys of being a mom! Hang in there and hopefully it will all pass soon. Look foward to the talk on Sunday I am sure it will be totally inspired after the couple of days you have been having :)

Heather and Billy said...

haha. Oh wow. Seriously Pam, is there a reason your kids seem to get croup so much? I'm so sorry! Way to, um, be positive about it though. =)

Mindy said...

That stinks...all of it! But I just wanted to tell you....THOSE COOKIES AND DIP WERE AWESOME! I have to get the recipe from you BEFORE the cookbook comes out cause I NEED to make them again. Thanks so much, that was very sweet of you and we (I mostly) thoroughly enjoyed them! :)