Monday, October 20, 2008

Crazy 8's (again- but different)

A very dear friend of mine (Kristin) tagged me, and well I am such a sucker for these...

8 favorite TV shows ***I am only going from what is on TV now...
1. Biggest Loser
2. Chuck
3. Heroes
4. Valentine
5. Eli Stone
6. Ugly Betty
7. House
8. Pushing Daisies

8 Favorite Restraunts
1. Cafe Rio (or Costa Vida- same thing only cheaper)
2. Rib City Grill
3. Betos
4. The Mandarin
5. Rumbi Island Grill
6. Tepanyaki
7. Olive Garden (I just smile at the memory of Kristin, Diana, and I...)
8. Sizzler

8 things that happened yesterday
1. Went to church
2. Gave a talk at church
3. Got high praise for that talk by the Stake Pres.
4. Came home after the 1st hour of church to watch my sick kiddo's
5. Played and sang and giggled with my girls
6. Decorated my porch
7. Proofed the cookbook I am working on
8. Spent the whole evening immobile and in pain on the couch

8 things to look forward to
1. Lil's next dance class (she is so cute!)
2. Naptime
3. Halloween
5. Christmas
6. My Anniversary
7. Lacey talking
8. Winter clothes...

8 things I love about fall

1. Sweaters
2. Petracore (the smell the pavement gives off during and right after it rains)
4. Holiday Shopping
5. The smell of Apples (pies, cider, cake, crisps... doesn't matter- it all smells good)
6. The colors
7. Cool temps with very little snow
8. The smell the heater gives off when you turn it on the first time

8 things on my wishlist

1. Run a half marathon
2. One more baby
3. Creating and KEEPING certain habits
4. Become debt free
5. See Europe
6. Live to see and play with my grandchildren
7. Retire young with financial security
8. Clear my name in the neighborhood... find out what has been said about me and have people approach me about the truthfulness of it. I want to clear the air.

8 people I am tagging
1. You.
2. And You.
3. And You.
4. And Her.
5. Him too.
6. And Her.
7. Oh, and definitely Her...
8. And anyone else who wants to as well, consider yourself tagged!


Diane Conn said...

Are you like the neighborhood tramp or something? I want to hear the gossip!!! Even if it isn't true.

And since you like apples, check out...darn it, I can't find the blog I found it on this morning. Its for APPLE NACHOS. They look good. I copied the recipe if you want it.

I did find this one too.

P-dub said...

Leave it to you, Diane! :)

No- nothing that SCANDILOUS- just someone spreading lies about me...

I would hope if anyone has heard negative stuff about me that they would approach me about it...

Diane Conn said...

well, let me spread some lies.

Pam likes to steal the neighbors kitties and then old them until reward posters are hung. Then she collects the reward. She is a kitty stealer!!!!

oh! oh!! and, get this, she buries randsom stuff in her backyard. Like library books, and toaster ovens! I don't think she has buried any kitties, but I wouldn't put it past her!