Monday, October 6, 2008

What I do when I should be getting ready for the day.

Oh how I love being tagged! It makes my day! They like me! They REALLY LIKE ME!

This one comes courtesy of a favorite blogger of mine. Mamasphere! Here ya go, folks!

Four jobs I’ve had:
*shelf stocker/cashier at family owned thrift shop
*server/cashier/hostess at Fresh Choice (soup/salad bar/pizza/muffins... yum!)
*teller/"specialist" for local bank
*mommy :)

Four movies I can watch over and over:
*Kung Fu Panda (so much funnier than I thought it would be!)
*First Wives Club (for me, it's less about women empowerment and more about the music and actresses)
*Lucky Seven (Mamasphere, this one is a romantic comedy that takes place around a wedding... may wanna check it out!)
*Maverick (It just makes me laugh! That and Mel Gibson is such a hottie!)

Four places I’ve lived:
*With my parents (before Joe)
*With my Aunt and Uncle (during the dating of Joe- what a nightmare it was living there!)
*With my Father in Law (first two weeks after marrying Joe)
*With Joe (the last 7 years and then some...)

Four TV shows I love:
*The Biggest Loser
*Ugly Betty
(That's just for this season- ask again in 6 months or so...)

Four places I’ve vacationed:
*Alaska- cruises are awesome!
*Canada- one of the stops on the above mentioned cruise
*Mexico- different cruise, not as awesome as the above mentioned one
*Disneyland- not a cruise, just a fun place I have been to 6 times so far...

Four of my favorite dishes:
*Butterscotch Yams (or sweet potatoes- MY FAVORITE part of Thanksgiving... No marshmallows, just lots of sweet yummy goodness, and the sauce tastes great on the turkey too.. Pester me if you want the recipe, you won't be sorry!)
*Oatmeal bread (toasted or fresh from the oven with homemade jam... it counts cause I could totally eat this as a meal!)
*Cheesy Cauliflower and potatoes (or any other veggies you want)
*Musaka (Joe learned to make this when he lived in Bulgaria. I love making it for him)

Four sites I visit daily:
*Facebook (more often than I probably should)
*Google Reader (I would DIE without it!)
*Myspace (not so much anymore)
*Google Analytics (I am such a stats FREAK)

Four places I would rather be right now:
*On another cruise
*Clothes shopping
*In bed (as opposed to the couch- where I currently reside)
*Apple Hill (Oh how I wish I could find an equivalent here! I SO miss Apple Hill! Anyone in my neck of the woods know of an apple orchard that has a craft fair in October where I can get apple stuff such as cider and pies and the likes WHILE browsing craft tents and such? It's like mixing a farmers market and a boutique...)

Tag Four People:
*Beth at Bethabee
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*Stacey at Maughansters, Inc.
*Heather at Crazygood


Morgan said...

I would love to have the recipe for the yams. I am hosting T-Day this year and would love something to "wow" the guests! :)

Heather and Billy said...

Apple Hill huh? Never heard of it. But our community development has Red Apple Days. Oct 18th. Same sort of thing, except that it's not at an orchard. I've never had so many yummy apple treats before..and all free! Then they have booths and crafts and games and activities for the kids.

Mamasphere said...

Um, HECK YEAH I want that recipe! I love yams, and the sweeter the better for Thanksgiving dinner.

I'll definitely add that movie to my Netflix list.

This was so much fun to read! The next time your at Disneyland, let me know- I'm just around the corner!