Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Whats up with us?

I am not sick anymore. (yay!)

Lacey is over her Croup- FINALLY. (double yay!)

Lilia is back at preschool and feels just fine. Her case of croup was much more mild than Laceys.

Joe got himself a new pair of glasses... they will be ready next week, and AFTER insurance, they cost 200. (OUCH!)

The dog wasn't sick from eating something after all. It was much worse than that and may end up with a surgery if it doesn't heal on its own (trust me you REALLY don't want to know all the details here).

Our awesome and wonderful neighbor stayed with the girls on Sunday while Joe and I gave our talks. After that, I came home while Joe stayed for the rest of church.

The talks were a HUGE success! I was really nervous about it, but I keep hearing from people in the ward that loved them, and/or needed to hear them. :D

Brother Hooper has hinted that we need to talk in Stake Conference. I maybe calling in sick that day...

I tried another new recipe today- Oatmeal Pancakes... not bad. Interesting texture, but they were FABULOUS with my homemade peach jam! (The batter had cinnamon in it, so it was a spicy kinda taste...)

Lacey is officially giving kisses. Not just open mouth on cheek kisses. REAL kisses! And I LOVE it!

Lilia has started adding diversification to her prayers. Last night she said, "Please bless Heavenly Father and Jesus to be safe and good..." so cute! She also prayed to not run in church and to have something to do when she wakes up. (At bedtime she always asks what we are going to do when we wake up. Last night I responded with, "I don't know.")

Joe is loving his new job. It is amazing what a little appreciation will do for ya! They have made it very clear how much he is appreciated!

Oh, and it looks like all the decorating is gonna need to be redone! The wind has been hefty up here, and all the spiderwebs are being blown to pieces!

And Joe- in case you are reading this... My mom is coming over right now to pick me and the girls up for a day with grandma. :D Meaning Joe will be meeting us up at Mom's after work for dinner then we will head home. (Love you Joe!)

Hope all is well with you!

LOOK! I wanna be like Uncle James! (Lacey's pants were sagging a bit, and it looked intentional, so of course I took a picture!)


Mamasphere said...

I'm catching up, and it sounds like a lot has happened in the last week! Good to hear that you're feeling better, but so sad about the spiderwebs. They looked awesome!

Ben and Heidi said...

Glad to hear that you are all over your sickness and back on track with everything.

Heather and Billy said...

Nice update. Bummer about the dog and the decorations though. Congrats with the talks though. We haven't been snagged in this ward. Keeping my fingers crossed.