Friday, August 1, 2008

Grandpa would be so proud...

Have you ever noticed that some of your best conversations with your kids happen in the car? Something about being stuck in an enclosed space with you, watching the scenery fly by forces them to open up their tiny minds and show you glimpses of their thought process in action.

Now, we have been working with Lilia these last few months on her name, phone number, and address... She has her name down. Check. She knows her phone number. Check. But her address? Now that one is a bit harder. She really wants to know MORE than just the numbers and street name. She wants to know the city, state, country... the whole bit.

The conversation in the car the other day:

Lilia: Momma, where does Aunt Janet live?
Me: California, hun.
Lil: How about Melissa?
Me: Oregon.
Lil: Grandma Your-Momma? (as opposed to "Grandma Daddys-Momma")
Me: Utah.
Lil: And we live in PRIMERICA! In the middle! And Josh lives on the left and Andy lives on the right, and WE live right in the middle! Huh mom? And we live on "Big Hill Next To The Park"

Now what makes this such a great conversation is that she meant AMERICA, but Grandpa works for an insurance company called Primerica. :) She doesn't know that, but its still quite the coincidence. Also, she is exactly right! Our neighbors are Josh (on the left) and Andy (on the right). And we do live on a hill across from a park. Such a smart kid for being almost 4, huh?

Another car conversation recently:

Lilia (while staring out the window at a field of livestock): Momma, did you know Cows pee milk?
Me: Really? No, I didn't know that! Are you sure?
Lil: Yup! Milk!
Me: Oh... well if Cows pee milk, what do horses pee? ( I couldn't resist...)
Lil: Orange Juice.
I was laughing too hard to finish this conversation...

Lil at 6 months old.


heidijogoody said...

She is such a smart little thing and cute too.

Tiffany said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and entering my contest! What cute girls you have! I love the car conversations! They truly are some of the best.

Adventures in Healing said...

I finally came back to your blog! I'm sorry I have been gone for so long. I'm fully impressed by the cake you made. WOW. And you already know I'm sorry about the sickies. And I would have been equally melodramatic. I often have those thoughts and just keep them to myself. I blame it on losing a very close loved one young. You can too. And I might be back up again within a month. I'm extremely torn about what to do. And I think that's all.