Tuesday, August 5, 2008


I am still waiting for my darn book to come. Trust me, I am not happy that I haven't received it yet. But such is life. I am patient (or at least PRETENDING to be patient... I have plenty to do, so I am not needing a book to read right this minute). I have been very careful to avoid certain blogs, and certain websites so I am not spoiled for the book. I am talking VERY careful. I am refusing to read ANY BLOG from ANY FRIEND I know read the book. I am so proud of myself for being surprised when my book FINALLY arrives!

Well, I have an account on Facebook. I have even stopped reading peoples moods and such so as to avoid any possible hints... Well, on Facebook, I was looking for a piece of Flair to send to my bestest friend and cousin, Ju. For those who don't know, "Flair" is basically a little virtual blurb or funny that you can send to your friends on Facebook in the shape of Buttons that they can stick on a virtual cork board on their Facebook profile... For example, I have one sent to me by a good friend that says "Join the Dark side- we have cookies" my cousin sent me one with a picture of the Disney Characters Copper and Todd and they are saying "Your my vest friend Todd" "Your my best friend too Copper." Another good one says, "Voldemort carries Twilight in his purse." etc. WELL- As I was searching for a good piece of flair for Ju, I happened across two pieces of flair that have pretty much ruined my day.


"The Lion + The Lamb = The Loch Ness Monster" My first thought was hmm, wonder if that was related to Twilight?

Then I saw this one, "Renaesme- What kind of name is that?!" And I thought, AW CRAP! They get pregnant before she is turned into a vampire and its a girl and they name her after her mom and his... THAT IS A HUGE SPOILER FOR ME!!! Grrr...

I bet I am right too, huh? Don't answer that people. I don't wanna know til I read it for myself... :S


Heather said...

Um, why are you still waiting for your book?! Did you order it online or something??!?!!

Daniel and AnnaMarie Miller and family said...

Okay, so I didnt read it all since I didnt want the spoiler. I am still waiting on mine too. I preordered it from amazon and it shipped on the 2nd but is saying it wont be here until the 9th! AAAK! I thought it would be here! Also, I am on facebook too..didnt know you were. I will have to find you.

Heather & Billy said...

Do you want me to send you my book? I haven't posted ANYTHING about my thoughts on it because of people like you.

Pam said...

I finally got sick of waiting for the book to come, so I bought a copy at a local bookstore, I will be returning my Overstock one unless someone wants it. I bought it for 16 (after shipping) and will gladly pass it off for the same cost.

I finally DID read it. And yes- it's a legitimate spoiler. SUCKY.

AnnaMarie, I am sorry you don't have your copy yet! Frustrating, huh?