Monday, August 25, 2008


I AM ... thinking that tonight is a good cookie and ice cream night... (Hush tummy! I know you won't appreciate all the yummy cool goodness that is ice cream, but darn it! I will NOT give up my creamy cold treats for you!)

I WANT... to take a big ol Advil (yum! Candy coating!) and ignore the pain in my back.

I HAVE ... to ask myself exactly HOW I managed to fall down the stairs today. My dear sweet brother asked me how I fell and I told him, "Well- I was walking, and I was walking, then I was falling, then I was falling more, then I stopped." And THAT is exactly what happened. Ask Lil. She saw the whole thing.

I WISH I COULD ... have the courage of my 4 year old. She totally stood up in a restaurant tonight and danced her little heart out for everyone to see, and trust me- with her dance moves, EVERYONE was watching.

I HATE ...talking. So why can't I shut up?!

I FEAR ... that people only pretend to like me, but really don't. If that's what you are doing, please, PLEASE stop. For both our sakes...

I HEAR ... that the thing people most fear is public speaking, the second most feared thing is death. So at a funeral, most people would rather be in the coffin than giving the eulogy...

I SEARCH ... for true friends. So far I have found two. And those two are the most awesomest greatest, most wonderful people I know. Now if only I could find one not related or married to me.

I DON'T THINK ... I will ever get tired of hearing "I love you" from Joe and the girls, and homemade bread. Yup won't ever get tired of homemade bread.

I REGRET ... growing up as quickly as I did. I understand the reasons I felt I had to, but looking back, I didn't need to. Not really... I should have enjoyed my teenage years a bit more.

I LOVE ... the smell of freshly bathed babies (Baby Magic smells WONDERFUL),the feel of my husbands 5 o'clock shadow (that's 5 o'clock the next day...), the taste of oatmeal bread, the sound of sleeping children breathing steadily (if not a bit heavily), lightning storms.

I ACHE FOR ... the loss of my dad. Still.

I ALWAYS CRY ... when I hear these two songs: Love, Me by Colin Raye and Missing You by Jem (if you click the Jem link, pay no attention to the video- its the song that is awesome... this is the only site where I could find the whole song)

I AM NOT ... a crook! (picture me giving the peace sign)

I DANCE ... pretty well, but I would LOVE to take some classes to learn more...

I SING ... THIS to my daughters every night before bed.

I NEVER ... thought I would find myself saying this but... I actually don't mind Barney (as in the purple dinosaur...)- HE really isn't so bad if you can block out that curse-ed "I love you" song...

I RARELY ... drink caffine. Last time I knowingly drank caffine, I was pregnant with my now 4 year old...

I CRY WHEN I WATCH ... my husband cutting up onions. Yeah- what a tear jerker.

I AM NOT ALWAYS ... the best mom I can be, and that bothers me. Luckily my girls love me none the less.

I HATE THAT ... I was never given the chance to be in a sport or dance class or even gymnastics when I was a kid. I feel like I missed out. And so- I signed Lil up for a dance class today. :)(Must live vicariously thru my kids, right?)

I'M CONFUSED ABOUT ... well, lots of stuff. But my biggest puzzler for now is that I want to take up running. BUT- My lungs can't handle cold well, and I don't know where exactly I can run in the winter that is free. :S

I NEED ... to take that Advil and crawl in bed with a good book. OR at least a good magazine.

I SHOULD ... remind you that you are more than welcome to steal this from me and do it on your blog. After all, I did. (And though I can't remember who I stole it from - I "thank you" nonetheless.)

(I am adding one-)

I WAS ... a pretty cute baby, huh?!


Morgan said...

I like that post. A lot! I truly want to steal it from you but I always say I am going to do those things, but I don't. I really want to though.

Joshua, Lori, and Mikey. said...

I LOVE the smell of a freshly bathed baby, bathed with Baby Magic, too! Probably my favorite smell in the world.

I might steal this from you, if I want to procrastinate on all the stuff I have to do today.

Mamasphere said...

That was fun to read! A look at the dark, I mean deep, side of Pam, lol.