Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Lil's Dissapearing Rabbit Act...

Yesterday Lil runs up to me in the kitchen and is in near hysterics. She is repeating over and over again something about her pink bunny. Its missing, can't find it... She just had it then it was gone... I finally get her to calm down and I ask what happened. She said she was tossing her pink bunny up in the air and then it "dist-appearded!"

Now she is not such a great tosser. She usually throws it up and back a ways so she has to turn around and pick it up off the ground behind her where it lands. Well, when she did that the last time she turned around to pick it up and it wasn't there. She looked EVERYWHERE for it! Any guesses as to where I found it?

Poor bunny! Good thing its not scared of heights!