Sunday, August 17, 2008

Lilism's (and friends)

So a friend (or maybe a group of friends) of mine coined a phrase that I now use quite often. When our kids do or say something totally unique and most often funny, we refer to it as an _____ism (insert child's name in the blank). Well- My children are full of "ism's"- for example...


called about: "Mom, what is that thing called about?" (This is also used to ask what something is for (about))

long minutes vs. short minutes: if she is enjoying her play date she asks if she can stay for long minutes, if she doesn't want to nap she asks if she can sleep for short minutes...

a LOT a lot a lot (heavy emphasis on the capital letters): Mom I love you a LOT a lot a lot (as opposed to just a lot- its the equivalent of bunches and bunches and/or very very much).

air donitioner (conditioner)

I'm still in a bad mood: translation: I am not getting my way.

I wanna look like _____: translation: I think ______ is cute. (She currently wants to look like a neighbor boy...)

Sure (pronouced shu-er): This one really makes me laugh. Instead of okay or yes she says sure. If I tell her its bedtime she says "sure" instead of "okay". If I ask her to clean something, or help me with her sister, or even if she wants ice cream (or some other yummy treat) she replies with "Sure!" (Perfect example! She just asked me if we could play at the park, and her sister is asleep, so I told her, "Not right now sweetheart, why don't you put on a show." To which she replied, "Sure!")

ed: This one is funnier than it seems. She adds an extra ed to MANY MANY words. Such as, "I flushed-ed the toilet." "I wanna be held-ed." Basically any past tense word where the "ed" sound is not very pronounced (or should I say pronounced-ed) she adds an extra "ed" (She is fine with words like wanted, and hated).

Yesterday, I was abruptly woken up by a 4 year old waxing philosophical on me... She didn't say, "Good morning Momma!" nor did she say, "Momma, its time to wake up..." (her two usual responses). She walks right to the side of my head and whispers in my ear, "Momma, if you love me, then you want me. If you DON'T love me, then you DON'T want me. At all." Then she left the room and started a cartoon for herself. Say WHAT??

Today, I bit off more than I can chew and find myself with two extra kids. Both are 4. Both are Lil's friends. One is a little girl in her preschool. She is a spunky cute kid. The other is a neighbor boy I promised to watch weeks ago... Well I offered them all some cereal this morning. Lil and Jan* both said "Yes!" since it was Barbie cereal (it really is- and I personally think the stuff is awful, its berry flavored, presweetened cereal with marshmallows, so its like crunch berry cereal with lucky charm marshmallows...). Well I offered Jon* some as well and he said, No, its "gril" cereal for "grils". "Gril's" need "gril" stuff, I don't. This started a debate between the three of what is "gril" stuff and what is boy stuff. Turns out that macaroni and cheese is boy stuff and milk is "gril" stuff.

(names changed since I don't have their parents permission to write about them)

Joe and I were discussing the other night Lilia's butt. Yes- we know. We are so weird. But bare with me. She was trying to squeeze into a space she was too big for and I said to her it was because she had daddy's butt. To which Joe and I discussed how we both hope both kids get his butt instead of my non existant one. I know, I know, TMI. But there is a point here, I promise... So while we are talking about it, Lil walks up and matter of factly stated, "I don't have Daddy's butt. It's too BIG for me! I have MY butt. And Lacey has her butt. She would look funny with Daddy's butt." Awesome. She had us both laughing pretty hard. The rest of the night she kept talking about Lacey has a small butt, she has a medium butt, mommy has a big butt (nice) and daddy has (hehehe) a "Big, big, BIGGER butt." (Think of this like "a LOT, a lot, a lot.")


Mamasphere said...

Those are all so cute! I love that you call them isms. Gabi has quite a few, and I'll be a bit heartbroken when she grows out of them.

Carol said...

I adore the little things they say. I'll be so sad when mine outgrow all the delicious things they say.

mom2natnkatncj said...

You have a smart little girl there ;).

Diane said...

It is so funny what comes out of the kids' mouths sometimes, isn't it!

Very cute!