Monday, August 11, 2008

A quick learner

Sometimes it completely takes me off guard how smart Lilia is! She amazes me on a daily basis. She is so funny, too! And sociable... I have no idea where she gets that trait... :)

The other day (Saturday) I was sitting on the couch dealing with a fussy baby. Lacey was teething, and in desperate need of some Orajel. So I said to Lilia, "Lil hun, can you do me a really big favor? Will you run out to the car and grab my purse for me? Lacey needs some medicine in my purse." She said, "Okay momma!" And there I sat, with a crying baby on my lap thinking to myself what a good big sister Lilia is, and how lucky I am to have such a good helper. And then, what is that I hear? Lil heading to the Master Bedroom (NOT the same direction as the garage) and then I hear this, "Daddy, will you do me a REALLY big favor? Can you go out to the car and get me mommy's purse please? Lacey needs some medicine in Mommy's purse..." I don't know what she said past that as I was laughing too hard to hear her. She is a smart little stinker!


Morgan said...

Nothing wrong with learning to delegate early!! :) That's funny.

heidijogoody said...

She knows what she is doing doesn't she.. She will get far in life if she keeps that up :)