Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Tea, Anyone?

Last week my neighborhood had a party. All little girls (and their brothers if they really wanted to) were invited. It was a Princess Tea Party, and it was AWESOME. The girls were all encouraged to dress up as a princess, and come for an hour or more of little girl fun...

There was, of course, "tea" (it looked like pink koolade, or maybe strawberry lemonade), and "pastries" (cookies of all sorts- Lil preferred the M&M chocolate chip cookies).

But they also had face painting, fingernail painting, colored and sparkly hair spray, and well, what party would be complete without PRINCESS TATTOOS!?

Oh, and in case any little brothers showed up, there was a bounce house for them and balloons for everyone. We even had a special guest- CINDERELLA! (Okay- so it was one of the drop dead gorgeous young women in the neighborhood dressed up like Cinderella... but what little girl CARES who she really was- today she was Cinderella!)

There was music, and dancing, and food and fun to be had by all. I didn't take my camera, but Shauntell (the mom that threw this awesome shin-dig) was nice enough to take this shot of my girls and email it to me...

Of course, neither girl was looking at the camera, but whadda ya do, huh?

After the party, I took the girls home for a "proper" dinner. I decided to let them stay in their dresses and we had a "picnic" in the front room. WELL- while I was getting dinner finished I put Lacey in her high chair. She managed to wiggle and squirm her way out of the belt holding her in place and when I returned from the kitchen with food in hand, THIS is what I found:

AACK! She was sitting on the VERY EDGE of the TRAY watching TV. Not a care in the world...
Little Stinker!


Sariah in Vancouver said...

What a cute idea! And what a fun neighborhood!

Rori used to do that with her high chair too! Fearless. Crazy. I think I'm going to enroll her in gymnastics soon.

Joshua, Lori, and Mikey. said...

How fun for the girls! If I had a daughter, she'd totally love that. haha.

Mike hasn't tried to get out of his high chair yet...thank goodness!