Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Lilia growing up!

So, this weekend has been a busy one! Almost all of it was centered around Lilia, as Sunday was her BIRTHDAY! She is growing up so fast, it just amazes me how big she has gotten. I still remember when she was born, and how she was SO MAD to be in the world, and she was holding tight to her umbilical cord. We could totally picture her screaming "PUT ME BACK, PUT ME BACK!"

She seemed to grow up so fast. It wasn't long before she turned 1...

and then 2...

Time just flies by I guess, and now, here she is! 4 years old!

Well, enough of my memories running away with me, on to this weekend...

Saturday morning we took her shopping for her birthday present from us. We wanted to surprise her, but well, we just weren't sure what size to buy so instead we took her with us so we made sure to buy a gift that was big enough but not TOO big... She was so excited when we finally reached our destination and let her choose her gift. Being the good kid that she is, she chose one that was not only just the right size, but the cheapest, er, uh.. LEAST EXPENSIVE of the bunch!

:) Now before I tell you WHAT exactly, it was that we bought her, I will continue with the story (the truth is that I forgot to take pictures, so you will have to wait til her party to see what she got)... So, the rest of the day was spent doing the usual grocery shopping, lunch buying, nap taking, etc. When she woke up from her nap, she helped Daddy assemble her gift.

So SUNDAY, we do our Sunday Morning routine. Breakfast, Bath, Church, etc. The primary at church sang to her, and she was so excited! Her teacher told me later that morning that she is very impressed with Lil. I guess she corrected the teacher at some point during the lesson. IF ONLY it was a church related correction. No- it was just a math error. The teacher had brought treats for the 5 students and had mentioned that there were 5 people in her class, and Lil said, "No- there are 5 kids and 2 teachers. That's 7!" Smart little monkey!

After church we came home and I started making a cake. Which was a total flop. (Don't EVEN get me started on what a disaster it was!) While I was trying to salvage the cake my mom called and rescued me. She offered to pick up a Costco cake on the way over for dinner! Awesome mom!

Well- Originally I had invited all the grandparents over for dinner, but Joe parents and their spouses couldn't make it, so it ended up being just my mom and she brought both my brothers. A small party, but that is okay. Lil was happy and that is all that mattered!

So mom bought Lil a gift that coincided with our gift. AND here is where the pictures begin!

Lil opening Grandma's gift!

And wearing Grandma's gift, while sitting on her gift from Joe and I

Parking her bike in its rightful place between Daddy's "bike" and Lacey's "new" trike (read: Lilia's old mode of transportation)

Now- When Lil asked for a birthday cake, she asked for a chocolate cake with white and chocolate frosting and pink flowers. Luckily Grandma found the PERFECT cake already made at Costco. Chocolate Cake with chocolate frosting, cheesecake filling (aka white frosting) and pink and yellow flowers. Lil was in heaven!

Lil blowing out the candles.

YES, I know- the cake has the wrong age on it. No, she is not 31. She is 3 + 1 !!! I couldn't find the 4, neither could I find regular candles, so a 3 and a 1 won! Lil didn't mind.

Lil chose her piece of cake. It had a big pink rose on it. She then "let" my baby brother have a piece of cake. Notice the difference in size... David was a good sport though. He ate his whole piece then finished hers. She took maybe 3 bites of her piece.

Lacey enjoying a piece of cake...

Grandma made the mistake of falling asleep watching TV, and ended up decorated by Lil. Grandma is a good sport though- she woke up just enough to hold the horse, and allow Lil to put the hat on her.

Now- we managed to convince Lil that, JUST for HER BIRTHDAY, Daddy didn't have to work on Monday! :) So we took her and Lacey to the nearest outlet mall. We bought Lil all the stuff she needs for her future dance class. She starts dance in October. So yeah- we had to buy tap shoes, ballet shoes, convertable tights, and a leotard. It was great fun and Lil was in HEAVEN buying dance stuff. After that, we took the girls to the Nicklecade and got 10 dollars of nickles. Note to self and anyone else interested: 10 dollars of nickels is A LOT! It took us almost 3 hours to spend them all!

We managed to earn enough tickets to win Lil a tiny 13 piece porcelain tea set. It's pretty cute.

All in all, a good weekend, with my cute kids. And speaking of: Grandma brought Lacey's birthday gift with her when she came for Lil's party. They were a SUPER CUTE pair of boots. Lacey LOVES them. So when we got up on Monday to take the girls out, and we saw the cold weather, we got Lacey all dressed and put on her new boots and new jacket. She chose to put on a hat as well. She LOVES her hat.

And how was YOUR weekend?


Ben and Heidi said...

Happy birthday Lil. Cute new bike. Such a little cutie :)

Morgan said...

Sounds like a really great weekend!! Lots more exciting than ours...since you asked! :)

~AnnaMarie~ said...

We had Savannah's bday party too, just haven't posted about it yet. I think Lilia and Savannah have the same helmet ;)

Mamasphere said...

How fun that Lil's birthday fell on a three day weekend! Sounds like you guys had a great time. Costco cakes have saved me more than once- they are soooo good.