Monday, September 15, 2008

Lacey can hold her own!

We have a little kiddie chair we bought a few years back. It is totally made of foam, and has a Winnie The Pooh cover on it. Lil used to sit in it all the time, and now, Lacey does too. She LOVES this chair. In fact, she has pretty much claimed it as hers. Well, when Daddy wants to watch TV from the ground he likes to rest his head in the chair (since it really is like a large oddly shaped pillow). So- what happens when Lacey sees Daddy using HER chair?

And just so ya'll know what exactly is going on with the background noise, Lil was playing Dora The Explorer on the computer and we were watching the credits for the incredibly FREAKY movie, The Skeleton Key. So yeah- loud and noisy, but at least I FINALLY caught on tape what Lacey does to ANYONE she catches using her chair!


Sariah in Vancouver said...

Haha! She sure knows what she wants and how to get it! lol Cute!

Joshua, Lori, and Mikey. said...

haha! I love it!

Mamasphere said...

Go, Lacey, go! That's adorable!

My husband uses our chair (the same as yours, only Bratz, and no, I didn't pick it out) as a pillow when he lays on the floor to watch TV, too.

Ben and Heidi said...

Shes like um excuse me get out of my seat!!

Simply Shannon said...

The best part is the big smile on her face as she sits down! So cute.