Sunday, September 21, 2008

Our trip to the zoo!

Saturday we went to the zoo! All in all, the weather played nice with just a tiny sprinkling of rain for the first 5 minutes or so of the trip. The company my mother works for took all the employees and their families to the zoo and my mother invited us to join her. The girls (okay- Lilia) had a lot of fun, and the animals were playing nice, so we saw a lot of animals, and most of them were awake and playing!

So without further ado, the pictures: (Forgive me- there are a lot of them...)

Lacey after the sunscreen application

My mom and I posing with the Elephant. This thing actually squirts water from its trunk...

The girls posing in a boat next to the Ghost of the Bayou...

And then there was this guy... He IS the Ghost of the Bayou. Not albino, just white.

Lil taking a drink from the Lion's Mouth

Monkey to Monkey discussion

Not sure if you can see him (or is it a her?), but there is a baby monkey hiding behind Mommy's legs (or is that Daddy??)

Lil looking at one of the gorillas

Lil comparing her hand to the gorilla's

Lil participated in some game put on by Radio Disney... she won an eraser by hitting the froggie into the kiddie pool...

It's blurry, but oh well. This is about as interested as Lacey was in the animals. She liked checking out the snake while upside down

Lil checking out the boa (I think)

The owl checking out Lil...

Brass Tiger Races!

Cute kiddos

Two of my favorite monkeys at the zoo

This was the most active cat we saw... and this is about as active as he got...

The WILDEST animal at the zoo!

My favorite animal... well- maybe not this one in particular, but I do LOVE the penguins

Together we all weigh as much as a baby elephant! (Alone, I weigh as much as a baby rhino)

The water globe. MAJOR kid attraction

The kids before we could get out of the parking lot

And the kids wearing their souvenirs from Grandma (the shirts say See ya Later Aligator!)


Mamasphere said...

It looks like you all had a great time! I love day trips with the family that turn out well, lol.