Sunday, July 27, 2008

Lucky me

So my kids are sick. AGAIN. I am tellin' ya, I can't figure it out. This summer is acting like winter for my family. And whats worse, usually I am the one member of the family that never gets the cold, or the flu, or the virus. Joe and the girls pass it between themselves and I manage to avoid it. NOPE- not this summer... Its all about the girls. Joe has been spared from everything but the food poisoning incident in mid June. Since then, I have had two colds, pink eye, an ear infection, and now, a burst ear drum... G-R-E-A-T! Both girls have had the colds, pink eye, and the baby had croup... Yuck. I have gotten in the habit of sanitizing my house from top to bottom at least once a week. When I say sanitize, I am talkin' chlorox wipes to the bed frames, door knobs, doors, walls, dressers, tables, counter tops, chair rails, baseboards, etc. (basically anywhere that is touched ever), mopping with bleach water, color safe bleach in the laundry (especially bedding), and all that jazz. Then it occurred to me that it just CAN'T be something in the house, it HAS to be something being brought in the house on a regular basis! Soooo- I went back in my mind to June to see what has changed that may be causing all the virus issues. The verdict? Library books. It seems a bit weak, but it hit me today while reading said library book to Lil for nap time. I was mid-sentence when I got that ol' familiar tickle in my nose that caused a sneeze attack so large my poor hand couldn't have possibly contained it all. Needless to say I instantly realized that the next few people to read this book may very well get my cold. I think I am gonna lay off the library books for a while. buying new books is an expensive habit, but so is visiting the doctor 3 times a month at 20 bucks a pop!

On a much lighter note, Lacey is officially a walker. She still crawls a lot, especially when she is feeling impatient, or needs to turn sharply, but otherwise she walks herself all through the house. Now if I could just convince her that talking is okay... :) Joe thinks he is the favorite because when ever she sees him for the first time (ie. When she wakes up, and when he gets home from work, etc.) she says "Hi Da!" to him. So obviously she likes him more since she calls him Da. Um, nope. When I go get her out of the crib, or when I come back from running errands and see her for the first time, guess what she says to me? Yup, you guessed it! "Hi Da!"

Lil is learning the hard way that being sick is not a party. She has found she can get out of many undesirable tasks by claiming to be sick. She has decided to use the excuse for most anything she is not in the mood for. For example, "Momma, I can't clean the bedroom, I am sick." Or, "I can't go to church, I am sick (insert fake cough here)." Well today she pushed it to a new level. "Mom, I can't eat my rice cause it will make me sick! Can I have a popsicle instead?" Um, RIGHT. :) Luckily I can use this same excuse on her almost as often as she uses it on me. She will refuse to clean up her mess cause "she is sick" then will ask to go play with the neighbors... "Nope- sick kids can't go play, they will make all the other kids sick." It's amazing how quickly she is cured! The only real problem with it all is that with as on again off again sick as me and the girls have been these last couple months, I really have a hard time figuring out when she is faking it and when she really means it. Thankfully, when she really IS sick, she doesn't ask to go play outside- she tends to camp out under a blanket on the couch, content to watch TV and play on her computer... yes- my almost 4 year old has a computer. :S That's what you get when you have a computer engineer for a husband...

Sick kiddo's camping out on the couch.


Hamlie said...

Stop licking the library books already! Stick to the table legs like I taught you.

Unknown said...

Oh, no! This summer has been tough on us, too. I am a little scared for winter to get here...yikes!
Yay for the walking! It's amazing how fast they grow.