Tuesday, July 1, 2008


So yesterday I noticed that my littlest rascal had some interesting marks on her leg. I should have taken a picture of it then, as it was a WHOLE lot more clear. As is, this morning the marks were nearly gone and I couldn't get the munchkin to hold still. But- what I found was that she had a full on set of teeth marks that looked suspiciously like Lil's mouth size. Upon further investigation it was revealed that Lil had indeed bitten her little sister on the leg. After a proper punishment (including me threatening to bite HER leg) she revealed her reasoning. It seems Lacey was trying to crawl away when Lil was trying to play with her and so Lilia bit her. The logic may not have been perfect but seeing as how she doesn't have MORE bite marks I must assume that after the bite Lacey stayed put.

Another interesting thing my mother and I discovered this last weekend is that my baby has not one nut TWO birthmarks. BOTH on her head. Lacey was born with a stork bite on the back of her neck right at the hair line. I had noticed it when she was about 2 days old, and its just as big now as it was the day she was born. I don't see it going anywhere anytime soon. But this second birthmark... its fairly big, about half an inch wide and maybe an inch or two long... not really sure just how big it really is. The reason it took us so long to find it is because its in her HAIR! She has a white patch of hair on her head. Since her hair is so short, we had never noticed it before now! Due to the lack of hair she still struggles with, it was hard to take a picture of. But I sure tried! (Pay no attention to the laundry behind her head. At least its CLEAN laundry, right?!)

I hope you can spot it, though I won't be bummed if you can't seeing as how it took me nearly a year to spot it myself...


Hamlie said...

I can see it! Of course, I was there when it was found. That must have been a pretty hard bite if it was still there the next day, ouch.