Friday, February 26, 2010

Thank Goodness for Modern Technology

After Joe left, we continued to "date." He would call on his cell phone every Sunday and we would talk for 2 hours (his phone plan was pretty archaic). We would send each other emails every day, sometimes more that one a day. We would chat online any chance we got... It was ALMOST as good as being near each other... not quite, but almost. I flew down to visit him around Valentines day (and my birthday) and he flew me down on his spring break... It wasn't long before we both realized we were in love, and though I said it first, he was not too far behind in reciprocating it.

It wasn't long after his move that my mom confided in me that she KNEW the moment she met him that he was my future husband. Let's just say that I was all sorts of surprised and a bit taken off guard by my mom's comment... I mean, I was 18! I was barely out of high school! Say WHAT?! To add to it, not long after he left, Joe told me in a phone conversation that "if things keep going the way they are now, don't be surprised if I ask you to marry me." (Remember- subtlety isn't his THANG...)

It wasn't easy being in love, but being separated by two states. We decided that the only solution to this problem would be for me to move to Utah. We talked it over, talked with my mom, and got her feedback, and then I started planning the move. It would be a somewhat "temporary" move. Neither Joe nor I felt comfortable moving our relationship past dating until we lived close enough to actually get some REAL dating in. Not the over the phone dating, but to actually spend time with each other. So after 6 months of dating online and over the phone, I moved in with my aunt and uncle in Utah to see what would happen. If Joe and I didn't work out, I had every intention of moving back to CA. Betcha can't guess what happened next...

Stay tuned for Installment 5: The big question


Ben and Heidi said...

That is so funny because my mom told me the very same thing about Ben she said she just knew from the beginning