Thursday, February 4, 2010

Lacey's bad week

I mentioned in my previous post that Lacey had a mishap on the day of Matthew's birth. Poor kid had a pretty craptastic week!

On Monday Jan. 25th Lacey was lifting the toilet seat and failed to set it all the way back, and when she let go of the seat, it came crashing down on her. This resulted in a pretty minor bruise across the bridge of her nose.

On Wednesday Jan. 27th we ran to Walmart to get some last minute baby stuff (good thing, too!) and while we were at the store, Lacey and Lil were playing a little rough and Lilia pulled on Lacey just hard enough for Lacey to lose her balance and take a fall, pulling Lilia down on top of her. This resulted in a pretty MAJOR goose egg on her forehead. It was bad enough that the second she got up off the ground (crying, of course) the employee standing nearby totally went all bug eyed and asked if we wanted her to get the manager... Yeah- it was REALLY purple REALLY fast.

The next day (while I was at the hospital with Joe trying to get Matthew here) Lacey was jumping on the top bunk of the girl's bunk bed. She jumped up, landed on her knees and face planted on the wooden frame that surrounds the top bunk. She split her nose open, scratched her chin, and gave herself two black eyes.

I was forbidden from seeing her (by my Mother in Law) that day, and was unable to see her until the next day (she didn't want me to get overly emotional and traumatized...). According to my MIL, the day of the incident, her nose had swollen to the size of a golf ball. By the time I was allowed to see her that next day, the swelling had gone down considerably, but was still pretty bad.

Between my mother in law and my mother, I didn't see my girls again until Sunday the 31st. And her swelling had gone down so much! (I just love the curls! My MIL used curlers on her)

As of yesterday, her stitches were removed, but because the stitches pulled off the scab, it was still bandaged up til this morning. But at least I could finally bathe her head! And not a moment to soon it seems!

Lacey has been blessed with my father's uncanny ability to heal very rapidly. This is my girl just one week after all the damage was done. The black eyes are still there, but the rest of her was pretty well healed! Now- off to find some Vitamin E to rub into that scab to keep the scarring to a minimum.
Now- if only we could get rid of the Croup, then things will finally be turning around for my middle child (who is amazingly accident/illness prone- just like the middle child in my family... me)!


Ben and Heidi said...

oh that poor child! but luckily she heals so quickly