Monday, February 22, 2010

Parties, Brownies, Wrestling, and Girls...

After high school I started attending a few (very few) classes at the local Jr. College. One of my favorite classes was The Institute of Religion, and I found that I spent a great deal of my spare time hanging out at "The Tute" as we called it. Around this time, I managed to do a GREAT deal of damage to my car (okay- it wasn't my car, it was my mom's. AND- I didn't intentionally damage it, I had a faulty check engine light...). While my car was out of commission, I relied a LOT on my friends (more specifically, one friend- Sharrie) to get me to and from school. After getting the car back and running, Sharrie's car died ( I promise this is going somewhere).

Around that time, a flyer was posted at "The Tute" about a birthday party for one of Sharrie's friends. I was not horribly fond of this girl, but I really felt like I owed Sharrie for all the rides she had given me, soooo I took her to the party. I really wasn't thrilled to be there, and went to wait it out in the corner of the room. Unfortunately, as I approached the most comfortable corner, I found it already occupied by a guy I had known only as "Sysco" and his friend whom I had never met before. Sysco was a really friendly guy who frequently showed up at "The Tute" and was in charge of keeping the fridge stocked with all sorts of goodies that he picked up at cost from his work-Sysco Foods (hence the nickname)... My "job" was to keep him informed of what foods needed restocking and making sure he got the money from the Institute director. So I struck up some friendly banter with Sysco and talked a bit with his friend. Sysco's friend (whose name I never caught) was a recently returned missionary from some foreign country I had heard of but had no idea where it was... Bolivia or Bulgaria... one of those two. He had only been home a few days, and Sysco had dragged him to the party to get him back in the swing of things... Eventually Sharrie and I left the party and were on our way.

A few nights later we were invited over to my friend Reed's house. He was making his famous Reece's Peanut Butter Cup Brownies, and wanted to show off to some of his "girl friends". We all settled in to eat some brownies a la mode, and watch the latest WWF match, when Reed excused himself to make a phone call. About 10 minutes later, Sysco and his friend showed up. Turns out that Reed's call took about 20 seconds to relay. "Dude, I've got brownies, wrestling on TV, and girls... ya gotta come!" That night I learned Sysco's real name was Jason, and he was as strong as an ox (he shot put me across the room). His friend was an extremely shy guy named Joe. And Joe was CUTE. I especially loved his sense of style! It turns out that one of Joe's best friends was Reed's older brother. And another friend of his was my cousin's fiancee... Joe and I hit it off largely in part to my ability to talk. It was like pulling nails trying to get to know Joe!

Stay Tuned for Installment 2: The First Date, Aaaaa!


Reed Haight said...

I think it should be known that Jason and I planned this whole little thing. We knew FAR before you two that you were supposed to get married. I had my eye on you as a matter of fact but since I had to still go on my mission and was looking for little more than a distraction I "took one for the team" (That and I am pretty sure there is no way you would have dated me)

Ben and Heidi said...

Love it. Glad you are taking the time to share! You will find it is so much fun remembering everything.

Sariah in Vancouver said...

This is a fun idea, which I just might copy too! :)

Our story begins similar to yours. Random meeting while tagging along with friends, taking the second meeting to catch your eye, etc. ... Now I have to go read your second installment! :)