Monday, February 22, 2010

Sorry it's been a while...

Ever since Matthew was born, I have been sick. In fact, my whole family has been sick. And rather than getting better, we all are (were) getting WORSE! As of Saturday, I finally bit the bullet and took Lil and myself to the instacare. She had a double ear infection, and I had (have) Bronchitis and Sinusitis... totally NOT FUN. Today I am taking Lacey and Matthew in to get checked out too... I wouldn't be surprised if all of us were on Antibiotics by the end of the day!

So- I have been following a friends blog for a while now, and she recently started a string of posts about her and her husband's love story. I thought it was a pretty cute idea, and therefore have decided to do the same thing... now keep in mind, this is MY SIDE of the story. Maybe (HINT HINT) Joe will chime in with his own version or at least a rebuttal to parts he disagrees with in my comments, but don't count on it... and even if he does, know that MY story is less skewed (ha ha Joe!)!

Stay tuned for Installment 1: Parties, Brownies, Wrestling, and Girls