Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Lilia is getting to be so big..  I just have to share with you the adventures of this cute oldest child of mine...

Some  fun Lil-isms:

Mom, I was born in your belly so that means you're my mom.
(Lilia hiked the arches in Moab with Joe)

The girls were fighting and I was trying to get them to stop... 
Me:  Someday you two will be best friends, you should start acting like it now.  You know Lil, Lacey was born so you would have a friend forever.
Lil: No Lacey was born to annoy me.

(Lilia climbing the rope at gymnastics)

My niece Stephanie (13) was drinking a Coke and offered me a drink.
Me: No thanks, Steph. 
Lilia (whispering): Yeah mom, that's good that you didn't drink it!
Me: Oh?  Why is that? (Hoping for something about caffine being bad for you)
Lilia (dramatically whispering): Because Coke has you know... {ALCOHOL} in it!

And our latest adventure:

9 months ago I took Lilia to the dentist and after the appointment he announced that her two bottom teeth were loose.  He also discussed with me the need to pull one of her top teeth.  Fast forward 6 months to her next dental check up.  Her bottom two teeth are still in her head and considerably looser, and that top tooth is finally scheduled to be extracted.  Her top tooth was dead from an accident when she was a baby and had stopped growing and was not moving down with the other teeth.  her adult tooth was moving around it so we had to remove it to make room for the eventual adult tooth...

So... fast forward 3 more months to last Friday.  Lilia has been scared to pull her loose teeth because she is afraid it will hurt.  We went to my mothers for dinner and Lilia was complaining about eating something because it was too hard to eat with her VERY VERY loose bottom teeth.  When I looked in her mouth this is what I saw...
BOTH of her bottom adult teeth have popped up BEHIND her adult teeth.  :S  The tooth on the right was so loose it was barely still in her mouth!  So Joe got mean. :)  He told her Saturday morning that if she doesn't pull it, he will.  So she went in to the bathroom, and came out a minute later with the tooth in her hand.  She admitted it didn't hurt too bad and has decided that loosing teeth isn't too terribly traumatic.  Hopefully that other baby tooth will come out soon!  In the meantime, the tooth fairy is now in business at our house! (Gotta love that face... I told her to show me her missing teeth...)

Now if only I could convince THIS child that the tooth fairy will not be coming to our house to PULL all her teeth..

At any mention of the tooth fairy, Lacey runs away with her hands over her mouth.  :)  Poor girl! Her post is coming soon!


Ben and Heidi said...

Gotta love a toothless grin!