Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Lacey is at such a fantastic stage of life right now.  Just about everything she does is funny...  Or cute.  Or both.  

Some Lace-ism's for ya:

LACEY: Mom, where are we going?
ME: To run errands
LACEY:  Oh...okay.
(at the first stop, a neighbor's house to drop some stuff off the neighbor opened the door...)
LACEY: Are you Erin?
ME: Huh?
LACEY: Mom, you said we were running to Erins!
Lacey comes to me in the kitchen
LACEY: Mom, can I have the last of the juice?
ME: No.  The juice in your cup is your last.  There isn't much left for everyone else.
LACEY: Okay...
Lacey returns to the backyard and yells to Lilia,
LACEY: Lilia... Mom says the last of the juice is for ME!

My sleepy girl...

Lacey loves Tangled.  The other day she was eating a peach when she took two of the slices and did a little "Tangled" reenactment with them (with her own little twist).  One peach said to the other, "I want to leave the tower" in a high pitched voice. Then the other peach said, " The outside world is a dangerous place.  You can never leave this tower!"
Then, the first peach said, "I will go anyway!" and proceeded to leave the tower.  After a minute of "walking" across the table Lacey said in a deep rough voice, "Gotcha!" and took a bite of the Rapunzel peach.  
The other peach said, "Mother knows best!"

I was online shopping when a sidebar popped up with women in skimpy dresses (I wasn't buying dresses- just shoes) Lacey saw all the models wearing the dresses and exclaimed, "Oh! Look at all the Barbies! I want one of those Barbies... I want the Rainbow Barbie!" (pointing at one of the girls dressed in a multi-colored SHORT dress)  Seems barbies are associated with scantily clad skinny models...

Lacey's recent hair cut...  Back view before:

and after:

Front before:

and after:  (the pictures aren't the best, but we added layers to give her curls and hair more body) 

There is a picture of a globe in blue and white that takes you to the "Browser Properties" page online. It takes you off of your current webpage (read: game).  Lacey was running her mouse along all the different programs on her desktop, naming them off one by one, and when she crossed this one she cryptically whispered, "The Evil Egg of DOOM."

I was getting ready to make jam with my niece and told her, "Okay- I will put Matthew down for his nap, crank up the AC, and we will be off!"  
Lacey looked at me with a horrified face and said, "Crank up ME?!  No!"  

 The same noodle place that our family loves, this is how Lacey eats her noodles...

Lacey: Mom, you need to fire the candle before we eat the cupcakes! (Light them) 
Me: (looking at the cupcake) You're FIRED! Eat up Lacey.  

(Okay so that last one was more a funny on my part- at least my neighbor and I were laughing at it...)


Ben and Heidi said...

These are all cracking me up... silly little girl!