Wednesday, October 12, 2011


I just have to share with you the cuteness that is my youngest as well as some of his funnies from the last few months... 

When I sing Old McDonald with Matthew and it get's to the point where you choose a farm animal, he always says "Dog Dog!" and then woof's the rest of the song.

Now, I am not a highly politically interested person.  I try to keep up with what is going on, but I don't usually voice my opinions about politics and I am not a fan of debating politics either... but I do have to share this one cause he made me laugh... Somewhere in the middle of babbling the other day Matthew said quite clearly "Obama" (or maybe oh, ba, ma)
Me: Obama?  What about him?
Matthew: Uh oh

Matthew used to have a thing for Dora the Explorer...

If you ask him, "who do we ask for help when we don't know which way to go?" he will respond with "ma-!" (map!) If you tell him, Say it louder!" he yells "MA-!!"

On the show there comes a part where Dora and boots start singing, "Where are we going? (clap, clap, clap) ______________!" An they fill in the blank with their final destination for that episode (each episode is different).  IF I ask Matthew, "Where are we going?"  He claps three times and expects me to fill in the blank.  

He used to wander the house singing, "ba- pa-, ba- pa-... ba-pa-, ba-pa-..." (backpack, backpack... backpack, backpack...")

Everytime he sees Swiper on the screen he yells "BAH!" not sure why really, but that is how he says Swiper.   To go along with that, when its time in the show to say, "Swiper NO swiping!" he yells, "No Bah-bee! No Bah-bee!" and puts his hand out in a stopping like fashion (just like they do on TV).  My favorite part though?  If his sister's try taking something from him he yells, "No Bah-bee!" and puts his hand out to stop them.  

And his other favorite TV show, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse...

When he wakes up in the morning I pull him out of the crib and the first thing out of his mouth is, "Mick mouse?" or "Mimi Mouse?"   

He also wanders the house sometimes saying, "Oh too-doo!" (Oh toodles!)

If he wants to watch the show he will ball his hands up into fists, do a little happy dance and say, "Dig-ee dah?" (Hot Digity Dog)

A video of his doing the hot dog dance...  Don't mind me shushing Lilia :)

His reaction to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on TV:

He loves Bananas

He was mad at me and hit his head on the ground hard enough to leave a scraped up forehead and bruise.

Matthew loves his cereal in the morning.  He also loves drinking the milk after he finishes.

And the stuff that spills on the table needs drinking too...

What a ham! He saw me taking pictures and had to smile for the camera.

My mother has some Polly Pocket stuff at her house for the kids to play with.  One item Matthew loves is the yellow Polly Pocket chair in his right hand.

He is trying to sit on it.  He puts it in place...

Backs himself into position...

And sits down!  (See the legs of the chair just under his back side?)  Man I love this boy!

Fascinated with the neighbor's daughter.  He crawled across the table to see her a bit better.

He was eating fries and fry sauce when I went to snap this picture...  just as I took it he flipped the sauce upside down for the perfect shot of him making a mess...

One of our family's favorite restaurants.  Matthew sure loves the noodles!

When Matthew wants a kiss he puckers up like this:

Blowing kisses to his sister at the store...


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too cute! That fry sauce picture is the best