Friday, May 30, 2008

I am such a sucker for these!

Here's how to play: List 3 joys, 3 of your fears, 3 of your goals, 3 current obsessions/collections and 3 random, surprising facts about yourself. At the end of your post, tag 5 more people.

3 Joys
1. My family is my #1 Joy. I love my family!

2. Mail. Especially non-bill-like-mail. I love getting letter, and e-mails, and voice mail, and so on...

3. Being home with my kids. I love being a stay at home mom. It is so rewarding, and such an amazing opportunity.

3 Fears

1. My latest and greatest fear comes from a very disturbing dream/nightmare. I am scared to death of someone kidnapping my kid(s). I came very close to canceling our family vacation for fear that something would happen to Lilia on the trip...

2. Being alone. Not just left alone in a room or by myself for a few days, but really being alone. I like companionship and knowing that I have someone I can run to or call to just talk or ask questions or advice. I have recently learned to be more particular on who is on my list of people that I can do this with, and it has made me realize how very special my truest friends are. I can't begin to describe the crippling fear I feel at the thought of not having Joe in my life and not having my few close friends to confide in.

3. Death. Its not necessarily the after death part. Its the actual dieing part. That and what leads up to it. I am scared that I will die young and not get to see my grandchildren, I am also scared that I will outlive everyone in my family (meaning cousins, siblings, etc.) but most importantly I am scared of a long drawn out painful death.

3 Goals

1. To finish my MT training. I hate it, but I will continue just so I can prove I am not a total loser. I didn't spend a ridiculous amount of money on a training program just to turn around and drop it cause its not what I expected.

2. To be a more forgiving person. To be able to take a hit and not wish evilness on the person delivering the blow. To be able to turn the other cheek over and over again. I need to get better at this. I don't want to stoop to their level. Basically, I just wanna be more Christlike in this aspect.

3. To teach my children about the Gospel, and help them become spiritual giants. I want them to see me set a good example, and I would love for them to love the scriptures, and to love the Lord, and to love being at church and to feel the spirit and get excited to do temple work.

3 Current Obsessions/Collections.

1. Spring Cleaning.

2. So You Think You Can Dance- I LOVE this show!

3. Joe!

3 Random, Surprising Facts About Myself

1. I like painting rooms. Just not the ceilings...

2. I have an aversion to certain textured foods. I don't like biting into an onion (but I love onion powder), I hate tomatoes (but love ketchup and tomato based sauces and I even like tomato soup), I hate the crunch of bell pepper, and don't like jalapenos, and though I hate all those ingredients, my favorite snack food is chips and salsa... go figure!

3. Scary movies freak me out. Yet I can't seem to get enough of the thrillers. Some of my favorite movies of all time are spooky: The Forgotten, The Good Son, The Secret Window...

Ok, I tag Triscuit, Riah, Morgan W, Steven, and Janna! Ready? Go!


Morgan said...

I ignore way too many tags...I am really going to do this one.

Hamlie said...

I hate painting ceilings too! I don't think I realized that until my recent painting project because I don't think we ever painted the ceilings in your house(s), that was Joe's job.