Saturday, May 10, 2008


Lacey's Favorite Toy.

Lacey has recently found a favorite toy. She love playing with it. She just LOVES rolling it. She will climb to get to it, and just giggles away while it rolls.

Or should I say UNROLLS.

My kitchen helper.

A few weeks ago I was making rolls for dinner. I had actually triple booked myself that day, and found myself making dinner for my family, another family, and my inlaws who Joe had invited for dinner. SOOOO, I was making A LOT of rolls. I got the first batch to the point of cooking (while batch #2 was in the bread machine, being mixed) and walked away while the oven preheated. I don't remember what exactly I was doing, but whatever it was had me busy with Lacey. While dealing with Lacey I heard Lil making these spitting sounds over and over again... "PBBBTTT. PBBBTT. PBBBTTT..." Thinking nothing of it I went about my business. When the oven beeped to let me know it was preheated I walked into the kitchen and found THIS:

Turns out Lil had poked each and every roll and "deflated them" and accompanied each one with a "PBBTTT!" Darn kid! Yeah- the rest of the rolls I ended up making were rushed, and didn't taste as good as I was hoping. :S

Joe's smart move...

So my awesome possum, better than great husband has had the same exact look for as long as I have known him. With minor changes in the shape of his glasses, everything about him looks the same as when we met. His hair is the biggest factor. He has had this same haircut since high school. Basically, he found something that works for him, and he never ever changes it. Here is a few pictures to show what I mean...

Joe in Highschool (senior picture)

Joe and I about 3 years into marriage

Family shot about 2 years after the last one (you'll notice my hair is changed, but not Joe!)

So, you see, Joe hasn't ever really changed his hair. He just lets it grow a bit, then cuts it short, then it grows out and he cuts it short again... WELL- today, Joe decided to give himself his monthly (or so) hair cut, and he pulled the clippers out. He put the proper guard on, and shaved the top, then changed to a smaller guard and shaved the sides, then he stood up straight, and put his glasses back on to see that he had gotten it all, and noticed a chunk right in front on top that he had missed. So he too the clippers and lopped it off. THEN HE REALIZED HE HAD THE SHORTER GUARD ON FOR THE SIDE OF HIS HEAD... Ah hahahaha! So, the end result was the need to shave his whole head down to like quarter of an inch. I about died when I first saw it, I LOVE it! BUT- its very different for him, and he was pretty annoyed that he had done it in the first place. So, whats the damage?

Oh, and also for those of you in our neighborhood, Joe was worried that you all would think that he shaved his hair off to hide any evidence of aging (gray hair and receding hairline...). So if you see him be sure to ask if the new do is to hide the gray! LOL! I love him!

Lil's Favorite Babydoll.

So I am making dinner and hear Lil talking to her "baby" She is talking about buckling her into the babydoll stroller, and how she is goingto take her baby for a walk. I of course, assume she is referring to her babydoll. I go to check on the girls and see why exactly Lacey is being so quiet, and what do I see?

Yeah- Lacey was her baby. Lilia managed to pick Lacey up and put her in the babydoll stroller and then proceeded to wheel her around the house in it for the next half hour or so. Kids... whada ya gonna do, huh?

My Mother's Day Present

Lilia made me a gift at her preschool for Mothers Day. Only problem was, when she got home she decided she would rather give it to Daddy. :S Yeah. I feel really loved! :) Of course, Joe gets home and Lil gives it to him and says its for him for mothers day. He laughs and opens it. Inside was a flower she had made me as well as a paper they filled out naming my best qualities. I just feel the need to share them with you. (The bold part is Lil's answer)

My mom is special because she makes food for me.

I like it when my mom makes dinner.

My mom can do many things! I think she's best at Basketti and dinner.

My mom has a pretty smile! I like to make her smile by eating dinner.

My mom is as pretty as a princess.

My mom is smart! She even knows ______.

I think my kid is a bit fixated on dinner. What do YOU think? Now to be fair, I have really been struggling to get her to eat dinner lately. AND- if she does eat it really does make me happy... so she is pretty observant. Oh, and incidentally, I had made Spaghetti (basketti) for dinner that night. I rock!

My OTHER Mother's Day Present.

Later that night after the kids were in bed I mentioned to Joe that I really liked my Mother's Day present (I honestly didn't expect Joe to have remembered it, and I wasn't expecting much more than what Lil gave me). Well Joe looked at me and said, "Oh, you cleaned that up and found it did you?" To which my response was, "Huh?" He then said, "What are you talking about?!" And I told him I was talking about the letter from Lil, and what was HE talking about? And his response? "Well, nothing, never mind." :) Unfortunately for Joe, I have recently made a pact with myself not to pry, and not to figure my gifts out before they are given to me. (It worked for Christmas, for the first time since I met Joe he surprised me with a gift!) Well, because the gift is hidden, and can be found by cleaning something up, I have decided I am NOT cleaning until Sunday! Oh, and the reason for the pact is because Joe is terrible at keeping secrets and it is way too easy to work it out of him. In fact, I usually don't even try. He just kinda slips up and gives it away. So I really REALLY am putting forth some great effort to be surprised by gifts.

Oh, and have I ever mentioned that Lil looks SO DARN CUTE with curls?

Want proof?

And yes, she dressed herself with an inside out shirt... Independent kids are great, huh?


Aaron, Kristin, Tanner and Mylie said...

so cute! Her letter was AWESOME... girl likes her dinner.. She looks super cute with her hair curled too. Lacey is a cutie!! Look at her unrolling the toilet paper! Smart girl ;)

Loots said...

That's funny about Joe's hair...haha. Joshua is always changing his look so I guess it's not as weird to me, but I can imagine!

Oh, and the toilet paper...we keep ours on the counter thanks to Mikey.

Hamlie said...

So now I want to know what Joe got you.

Ben and Heidi said...

I do like Lil with curls in her hair. Did you have to ask her if you could do it? Can't wait to hear what your mothers day surprise was!