Friday, May 2, 2008

Crazy 8's

8 Things...

8 things I’m passionate about

1. My kids
2. My husband
3. My family
4. My religion
5. My kids getting a good education
6. Family Vacations
7. Naptime (hehehe)
8. The importance of paying tithing

8 Songs I can listen to over and over again and never get sick of

1. If you could Hie to Kolob
2. Tarzan Soundtrack (The Disney cartoon)

3. Mask of Zorro Soundtrack
4. The Way- Fastball
5. Fingertips- TMBG
6. Grace Kelly- Mika
7. Fools Rush In- UB40 (yes- I prefer it over the original Elvis version)
8. Love Shack- B52's

8 books I’ve read

1. Book of Mormon
2. To Kill A Mockingbird- Harper Lee
target="_blank">to kill a mockingbird
3. Receiving Answers to our Prayers- Gene R Cook
4. The BFG- Roald Dahl
5. Righteous Warriors- John Bytheway
6. The Alchemist- Paulo Coelho
7. The Giver- Lois Lowry
The Giver
8. Standing for Something- Gordon B. Hinckley
Gordon B. Hinckley
8 Things I say often

1. Crap! (At least I assume thats where Lil learned it)
2. I love you.
3. Are ya kidding me? (Thanks, Katie- now I say it too!)
4. Is that how you ask nicely? (Teaching kids manners...)
5. Excuse me?
6. Nigh-night, Snuggle Puppy! (Saying goodnight to Lil)
snuggle puppy
7. Hiya Monster! (Thats how I greet Lacey)
8. Know what I mean? (I will admit, I say this WAY too often, know what I mean?)

8 Things that attract me to a friend

1. Honesty
2. Common ground
3. A sense of humor
4. They have to like me too... kinda important, that one!
5. Patience... heaven knows you'll need it with me!
6. Someone who really does know what I mean!
7. Never makes me feel like an idiot (at least not on purpose)
8. Someone who lifts me up instead of dragging me down.

8 Random things about me

1. I am left handed
2. I like to eat, eat, eat, apples and bananas... (crap, now that song is stuck in my head)
bananas and apples
3. I love playin' the movie quote game... Not sure why, just do.
4. I hate singing alone, and an very self conscious about it... it took me 4 years before I could sing in front of my own husband... and thats just lullabies and the likes..
5. I prefer to sing harmony but only on songs that HAVE a harmony part. I can't STAND it when people make up their own harmony for songs with only a melody.
6. In my family I am the runt. A scrawny 5'4" with towering siblings ranging from 5'7" to 6'4"
7. In Joe's family, I am taller than average. All three of his sisters are shorter than I am. Joe is the tallest sibling at 5'6"
8. When I was a kid, I wanted to be a banker when I grew up. (How boring of a dream was THAT!?) And guess what? I was.

8 Things I want to do before I die

1. Be a grandma
2. Travel. Certain places in particular, but I just wanna go places I have never been before.
3. Have my dream house...
4. Watch my children get married in the temple
5. Watch my husband start a company and make it a success
6. Learn to enjoy cleaning, and exercising
7. Read a good book
8. Charity work

8 Things I’ve learned this past year

1. Life can throw you curve balls, and though it causes change, that change can be a good thing if you work at it enough.
2. Joe and I can work through anything, together.
3. My husband isn't perfect.
4. A difficult child just raises the bar for you to extend your love to. And yet, its still easy to do.
5. Lilia is a wonderful big sister, and a smart smart child.
6. My worst nightmares have nothing to do with me, and everything to do with my children and their welfare... A mothers love can be fierce.
7. Personal revelation is REAL, and can REALLY happen.
8. That I love my family more and more with each passing day.

The 8 People I want to do the 8’s

1. Katie
2. Triscuit
3. Riah
4. Heidi G.
5. Morgan C.
6. Morgan W.
7. Nikola
8. Twins