Friday, January 21, 2011

What a milestone!

It thrills me to no end, and yet breaks my heart to say that Matthew is officially a walkin' baby! Last weekend he decided to take a couple steps, and I tell ya, he has been addicted ever since! In just short of a week he went from a couple steps at a time to preferring to walk from "Point A" to "Point B." Yesterday he mastered standing up without any assistance, and today he mastered the ability to bend down and pick something up off the ground without falling!

The biggest difference between Matthew and his sisters is that he is so DRIVEN to walk. His sisters were in no hurry, and took plenty of time to get up the courage to walk. Matthew, on the other hand, from the second he took that first few steps his eyes lit up and he got so excited. With the girls, I would try to stand them up and they would "melt" and slowly sit down. Matthew would get so excited he would start "dancing" and would fall over because he couldn't keep his legs still enough to hold him up! He is such a cutie! SEE?


Ben and Heidi said...

yay! It is so funny how boys are just so different from girls! you just wait he will be climbing all over stuff in no time! I can't keep Carter down off of anything these days

Party of Four said...

Saweeeeeeeeet! He is darling.

annie valentine said...

If Georgia even thinks about walking before 18 months, I'm going to gently push her over.