Friday, January 7, 2011


As is common for me every few months, I feel the need to write down some of the cute things my kids say. I don't ever want to forget how cute they are at this age. So without further ado:


Matthew has learned to boogy down. It's so DARN CUTE watching him dance along to any music. Unlike my daughters, who are notorious booty shakers, Matthew is a shimmy-er... He shakes his little shoulders like it's nobody's business!

He doesn't say much, and therefore Matt-ism's are not very plentiful. But he sure is a cutie!


Oh the funny things this girl says! Mostly just mispronunciations like:

Chock-lik (chocolate)
Lervis (nervous)
Bravey (gravy)

But occasionally I get a good story out of her.

Today she came up to me and told me it as Halloween! She was in her costume and ready for trick or treating fun. But she was sure to tell me we had to go trick or treating before dark because "the ghosts and bats will come out and scare me." I asked her how and she said, "The ghosts will say 'Oooo!' And the bats will say... um... 'BATS!' Yeah- bats say, 'BATS!'"

Yesterday Lilia brought how a bunch of silly bandz from school. (Click here to see what Silly Bandz are) They were sports silly bandz and so she had one of a guy playing football, a guy playing golf, etc. One of them was a soccer player. Lacey brought me all the different bandz and asked me what each one was. When she showed me the soccer player I said, "that's soccer." She looked at me confused and said, "He eats a sucker?"

Me: No honey, he is playing SOCCER
Lacey: He is eating a sucker?
Me: No- the game he is playing is soccer- not sucker, SOCCER. suck, soc, suck, soc... see the difference?
Lacey: (after a bit of thought) Okay. Soccer.
Me: Yeah!
Lacey: Mom, can I go eat a soccer, right now!?
Me: {sigh}


Lilia loves first grade. She especially love eating lunch at school. She came home the other day and told me all about her lunch.

"Mom- at school the have the most AMAZING nachos! I love them! The cheese on top is like a mixture of cheese, milk, and a little bit of ice cream! YUMMY!"

This last week as I was driving her to gymnastics Lil was telling me about her day. She was telling me how the playground was really icy, and they had to be careful at recess. She said, "So I almost slipped and fell at recess, but GOOD HEAVENS I didn't! " (I am assuming she meant "thank goodness")

Lil was telling me on that same drive about how her class has earned a party. And how "this party is gonna be great because its a popcorn and shoelace party!"

Me: A shoelace party?
Lil: Yeah! Orange Shoelaces.
Me: Orange Shoelaces?
Lil: Yeah! It's my teachers favorite drink! It has oranges, and milk, and ice, and sugar...
Me: Huh? OH! Orange JULIUS'
Lil: Yeah- Orange Shoelaces! It's gonna be great!



Ben and Heidi said...

gotta love all the fun things kids say and do!

Laural Out Loud said...

I always planned to write down the funny things and pronunciations Gabi would say, but never got around to it. Talk about regret! I hope I can change that with my son! Because kids really do say the most precious things. Your girls are adorable!

Sissy Jackson said...

Oh man, your little man is CUTE. Those cheeks. How do you NOT kiss them every minute of the day? Love it.